Karen J. Mossman

I’m Karen Mossman and love stories.
They are all around us every day. They weave the pathway to our lives.

Karen J. Mossman is an avid reader, reviewerbook blogger, and award-winning, multi-genre writer.  She became a professional author in 2014, and since then, she has more than 27 published titles to her credit.  These include anthologies, short stories, novellas, novels, and series.

As valkyries have a great influence on the wyrd (or fate) of humans, we would not be complete without one.  We are honored to have Karen – a caring wife, mother, grandmother, and friend – weaving our stories with us as we decide the fates of our characters and ourselves.

Karen J, Mossman

Author, Partner, & Graphics Designer

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Karen J. Mossman’s Book Blog

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