Simon Macdonald

Simon Macdonald is a man of many talents.  Simon is a writer, illustrator, chef, and TV/Radio host.  He is also a fisheries aquaculture and processing consultant and educator.

With over forty years of experience in food and fisheries, Simon Macdonald has gained a worldwide reputation.  Multiple top International Awards back Simon’s acclaimed skills and his quality products and service. The extent of his work has become almost legendary in the world of gourmet foods.  

Simon has supplied and cooked for Royalty and heads of state, including three U.S. Presidents.  He has received invites to cook for five members of the British Royal family as well as the late King Hussein of Jordan, who became a regular visitor to Simon. 

Sought after for his skills as a chef, Simon appeared for cooking demonstrations and on popular television shows in several countries. The Dutch Royal family invited him to be a judge at the Dutch National Eel Smoking Championships in Friesland.  This gave him the distinction of being the first judge ever from outside of Holland and all while wearing a kilt!  

Simon’s current programs are on USA Global TV – United Kingdom News & Culture with Dr. Jacalyn and Diann Floyd Boehm.

A coveted consultant to the food industry, he has headed up projects in many countries.  In 2020, Simon Macdonald was appointed Chairman of the West Coast Regional Inshore Fisheries Group for the Scottish government. Simon collaborates with senior government officials on matters of marine management, policy, and strategy.  He advises on designs for food processing and value-increasing business practices. Simon has even taught his methods at the University of Highlands and Islands to individuals and companies from all over the world.

A passionate and accomplished yachtsman, Simon has owned several yachts.  These include two ex-Olympic race yachts. He has competed successfully at many regattas in the UK, Europe, and South Africa.  In addition, Simon is a keen golfer. Living in Scotland, the home of golf, it’s “par for the course” as the saying goes. Of course, he claims his handicap is the ball.

Simon Macdonald

Author, Host, Fisheries Aquaculture and Processing Consultant, and Chef

  • Author
  • Fisheries Aquaculture and Processing Consultant
  • TV and Radio Host
  • Chef
  • After Dinner Speaker