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K.S. JONES: award-winning author

J.M. Northup was privileged to interview her friend K.S. Jones.Read it HERE Meet Sooze Williams from K.S. Jones’ award-winning novel, SHADOW OF THE HAWK.Meet Quinn MacCann from K.S. Jones’ WIP, coming soon! Two amazing American authors are actually sisters!Kathleen O’Neal Gearand K.S Jones are both acclaimed writers.Each has award-winning novels in Historical Fiction though they write in different disciplines.   Learn more HERE

Braxton Campus Mysteries written by James J. Cudney

A new mystery series debuting in October 2018 focusing on amateur sleuth, Kellan Ayrwick, a 32-year-old single father who solves crimes in his Pennsylvania hometown while attending to his day job as a professor at Braxton University. Academic Curveball (Oct 2018) Broken Heart Attack (Nov 2018) Flower Power Trip (Mar 2019) Mistaken Identity Crisis (Jun 2019) Haunted House Ghost (Oct…


Kat Martin has over sixty-five Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels that had been on the NYT Bestseller List. Were you a fan of your husband, L.J.Martin, before you met? He had just written his first novel when we met, a big historical Western saga, called Shadowof the Mast, that was very romantic.  It was…