The Killer on The Heath

A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her is Cassie. With no clues and time running out, her brother, Detective Newbold, desperately needs her help. He is counting on Cassie’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities to locate Chantelle.

When Chantelle’s brother, Pedro, seeks out a psychic for help, he meets and falls for Cassie. Though he wants answers, neither Cassie nor Detective Newbold can give any, which complicates their relationship. To make matters worse, his overbearing mother adds further damage with her meddling.

Meanwhile, the killer has been caught, but he refuses to talk. Now, it’s up to Cassie to read the signs and rescue her lover’s sister.

Will she find the answers in time?

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This story blends paranormal romance, amateur female sleuth, and psychic thriller.  It is an enticing crime story of murder and intense search for a missing person.

Each book in this collection can be read as a stand-alone novel.

What’s inside


From Karen J. Mossman

I am neither a clairvoyant or an empath. I’ve never seen a ghost or felt a presence. But one night, Cassie came to me in a dream. She had stories to tell.
Have you ever seen a ghost, or had the hairs of your neck stand on end? I haven’t.
Horror films? Nah, too scared.
Murders – don’t tell me the details.
But Cassie has to face all of these things as she teams up with her Seb, her twin, a police detective. Take the journey with us, and step into the world of Cassidy Newbold.


Lowhampton Heath sits on elevated ground with views of the village below.  It’s beautiful in the early morning sunlight. The dew sparkles on the grass, giving everywhere a magical glow.  It’s unusual for me to be there, especially at that time of day, but I was on the trail of a killer.

My name is Cassidy – Cassie for short. Yes, as in David Cassidy.  My mother was a big fan of the seventies pop idol and convinced she was having a boy (who was to be called David). Instead, out popped me – a girl.  Though, I was followed quickly by a boy – my brother, Seb.

Now, you’re probably asking why my mother didn’t call him David, as she’d planned.  After all, that would make sense. Well, it’s my understanding that, by then, her admiration had moved on to an athlete and, once mum got over the shock of unexpected twins, she named my brother after him.

Her nostalgia stuck me with Cassidy.

Twins of the opposite sex are not identical.  Genetically speaking, they are no different from any other set of siblings. They just happened to share the womb.  Still, Seb and I, although not quite the same, are as similar as a brother and sister can be.

What’s interesting about us is that I’m a clairvoyant empath (the two talents don’t always go hand-in-hand).  In layman’s terms, I would be considered a psychic, but that is inaccurate.  My abilities not only allow the dead to speak to me, but also, I’m highly attuned to other people’s emotions.  I’m convinced this has to do with our ancestry – certainly, something in my family’s deep past made me this way, though I’ve no idea what it is.

Oddly enough, Seb wasn’t born with a talent. He just has an uncanny instinct for finding things.

I remember when we were small children, and our mum lost a ring somewhere in the house. Seb found it by retracing her steps meticulously. Even at that young age, he took his time to inspect every square inch of each room. This came in handy as we grew up.  Whenever I’d lose my keys and panic, he’d patiently calmed me down before we’d go through everything I had done together.  His attention to detail was incredible, so no one was surprised when Seb joined the police nor how quickly he gained a reputation for being successful via his meticulous and thorough methodologies.

Seb, also, senses my moods.  He always knows if I’m upset or in trouble. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s even able to tell the difference between what’s really me and what I’m absorbing from others.  It might be a ‘twin thing’ – who knows?  At any rate, I teasingly call him ‘a seeker’ because it’s almost disturbing how good he is.

At times, Detective Inspector Newbold’s success is partly due to me. Don’t get me wrong – he’s good at what he does – but, sometimes, my brother asks for help. Though, that’s not something we can explain to other people.  So, to make things easier, Seb fixed me up as a prison visitor, granting me an identity card and legitimizing my visits to the police station whenever my gifts are needed to see into a prisoner’s psyche. 

A prison visitor checks on the welfare of inmates, so it’s the perfect cover. And, as a volunteer position, I can visit the nick as many times as I wish, though there’s a minimum requirement of once a month. Of course, when I’m not giving tours part-time at the historic Spanner House or meeting clients in need of my special talents, I try to visit the detainees, so my frequency isn’t questioned.

The police station is a difficult place to be, especially since I’m not in complete control of my gifts.  I have a good mastery of them now, after time and a steep learning curve that wasn’t always pretty.  Still, sometimes, my empathic cues work on touch alone. While, other times, I’m bombarded by images, emotions, or both.  When that happens, I must sift through the information, trying to make sense of it before I can extract any viable data.  That isn’t always easy because people are complex, and it becomes worse when it’s intensified by a stressful situation – like being behind bars.

The negativity of the nick can be overwhelming.  Thankfully, not everyone is open to me – some can block me without knowing they’re doing it.  Occasionally, I must disengage myself because I simply don’t want to see the private things people keep to themselves – whatever that might be.  After all, I’m not at the station to judge.  I really just want to help, and most of the people there are good.  They’ve just found themselves in a bad position.  And, in the end, nothing about solving crimes is straightforward, and I’m only an aid to help.  

The case at hand involved a woman. Mandy Smith.  She was murdered on Lowhampton Heath about five miles from where I lived.   Though a known jogger in the area, who regularly came to the heath to take her exercise due to her nearby residence, I didn’t know her personally.

The story of the missing woman had been all over the papers for weeks.  Finally, her shallow grave was discovered by a man walking his dog. According to forensics, her time of death was placed a week earlier.  When Seb told me the grim details of the case, that fact disturbed me. It meant she’d been kept alive somewhere before her murder.

“The police haven’t got much to go on in identifying the killer,” my brother informed me. “Now, matters have taken a twist.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, a wave of trepidation washing over me.

“A second girl has gone missing from the same area.”

I couldn’t stop the audible gasp that passed my lips.  All I kept thinking was how Mandy had been captive before she was killed.

Seb rubbed his temple.  “Look, Cassie, I know this is hard for you, but… maybe, if you walked in Mandy Smith’s footsteps, you might pick something up. I know there are no promises, but we’ve got nothing right now to help catch this guy.”

“Okay,” I agreed.  “I’ll try.”

The early morning was quieter than the popular heath was by later day. I sensed Seb somewhere behind me and appreciated how he knew to stay out of the way.  It was important for him not to intervene during this stage of my process.  Taking in a deep breath, I tried to shake off my tension.

The sky was already a deep blue, promising to be a beautiful day. The seasons influence my life, so the dark green trees filled my heart with happiness.  I loved this time of year when nature came alive after a long winter. The colours and the moods were all part of me.  They seemed to enhance my skills.

As I gazed over at the trees, I took another deep breath, exhaling slowly and deliberately. I feel her. She was here. 

My chest rose and dropped again. My feet moved along the trail, stepping in the victim’s footsteps. It wasn’t long before I shuddered to a halt.  This was where her enjoyment had turned to fear.

My heart thumped as my breath grew jagged.  Blood rushed through my veins as Mandy’s fear bubbled under the surface and a sob rose in my throat. It was her cry and her terror that mounted inside me. It caused me to flee as my “fight or flight” instincts kicked in.

He was chasing us.

Her feet became mine as we moved together towards the trees.  Entering a pathway surrounded by woodland, I knew beyond a doubt this was where he had grabbed her. My panic rose, and I moved quickly.  The action made me lose my footing slightly and caused me to turn my head just as a shadow leapt at me.  Crying out, I threw my arms wide, hoping to knock my attacker sideways, even though I knew he wasn’t real.

We rolled, interlocked, on the ground until we slammed into a large boulder. The impact forced the breath from my lungs as I came to an abrupt halt with a shadow from the past. Gasping for air, I heard Seb scrambling towards me from the side. Just at that moment, a shaft of sunlight hit the trees, and I finally saw the perpetrator’s face.

 “Are you alright?” Seb asked, his eyes wide with concern.  He offered a hand to help me to my feet. 

I nodded eagerly, accepting his aid. “I saw his face.” 

My brother’s smile was wide. “Good. We’ll go to the station and have someone draw it up.” 

A Thriller That Crescendos

J.M. Northup

I had the pleasure of editing this book. I found that Karen J. Mossman, as a developing author, uses a mix of classical writing styles with modern – starting with a setup to the story with tantalizing bits to intrigue you into what’s to come. She, also, has a lovely blend of detail with a desire of leaving enough of the tale to the reader’s imagination to make it a personal experience.
The story crescendos as the excitement amps up with the growth of the tale and case (as a thriller should). I’m not a big fan of the romance with Pedro, but it has an interesting link with the overall plot and Chantelle’s investigation. The affects this relationship has on Cassie, herself, is the most valuable aspect – more so than Pedro’s familial link to his sister.
I love the historical references from the region as well as the bond between Cassie & Seb. I think this is a great lead into this series and jumping point for these characters to be introduced. I am excited to see how they mature and what new adventures Mrs. Mossman takes them on next!

I Couldn't Put It Down After The 8th Chapter

Sahara Foley

I love paranormal stories and adding a thriller with a clairvoyant and empathic character?  I couldn’t wait to read it.
What I liked – After the 8th chapter the story came alive.  I was urging Cassie on as she tried locating Chantelle.  Hurry, Hurry, the poor girl might be dead.  I also loved the special ability that popped up between Cassie and her twin brother, Seb.  I can’t wait to see how that develops in the next story.  
What I didn’t like – It took 9 chapters to get into the story.  The first few weren’t bad, but they were slow.  And the relationship between Pedro and Cassie drug the pace down, a lot.  It wasn’t badly written, in fact, Karen does a great job at writing relationships.  But, this one wasn’t necessary to the plot.  In my opinion, anyway.  You may love it.  
In summary, The Killer on the Heath hit all the tropes at the end, I couldn’t put it down after the 8th chapter, and I love Cassie and Seb’s characters.  I can’t wait to read more.  I recommend it and give it 4 stars.

Great Read!!

Mrs. O

Absolutely loved this first book in the (The Cassidy Newbold, Clairvoyant Collection) I read it in two sittings. I loved the positive sibling relationship between Cassie and Seb. I was favourably disposed towards Cassie’s personality too, as her supernatural ability to perceive events in the past is beautifully written by the author.
Mossman’s unique writing style had me turning the pages. I couldn’t wait to find out how the story was going to end. Highly recommended.

Great Paranormal, Mystery Thriller

Joni Martins

I scored this book 5/5
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️
Short Summary of the book:
Cassie Newbould’s talent to see ghosts and feel memories of places, people and items, has assisted her twin brother in the past. When she meets Pedro whose sister is missing, will she be able to find the girl in time? Or will the killer on the heath strike before she can find her?
What I liked about the book:
The book is action-packed.
What I didn’t like about the book:
I loved the entire book.
My favourite bits in the book:
I enjoyed the entire book.
My least favourite bits in the book:
The book was enjoyable in its entirety.
Any further books in the series? Any more planned by this author?
This is the another great book by this author. If you haven’t met Cassie yet, maybe you should.
What books could this be compared to and why?
This is a thriller, mystery with a paranormal twist.
In summary, I would recommend this book for the following readers:
Children No
Young Adult Probably
Adult Yes
If you like mystery with a bit of paranormal action, this book may be the book for you.
I’m certainly looking forward to reading more by this author.

“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.”


If I were to walk past this book at a bookstore or library, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up based on how the cover looked. But, as they say, “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover.” This book was a real page turner. I love how Cassie used her psychic abilities for the good and to help others. This book has a great story line. Good character development. Quick and short read.



The Killer on the Heath: The Cassidy Newbold, Clairvoyant Collection Book 1 is written by author Karen J Mossman. Cassie is a clairvoyant, and her twin brother, Detective Inspector Seb Newbold, possesses incredible abilities. Together, they embark in desperation to find Chantelle, the latest victim taken by the killer. Cassie finds herself in a tangled web of investigation when she meets Pedro, a new love interest who is also the twin brother of Chantelle. Pedro wants Cassie’s help to find his sister. His mother doesn’t seem to care much for Chantelle because Pedro is her pride and joy. His love and dedication for his mother eventually get in the way of a relationship between Pedro and Cassie. In the meantime, Cassie comes very close to becoming the killer’s last victim but is found by her brother in time. Cassie dedicates her talents to helping her brother find Chantelle. Will she read the signs correctly; will she be able to connect with Chantelle without having Pedro’s influence; will she be able to block out the other horrors and evil she feels from the killer?

The Killer on the Heath is an incredibly powerful story with all sorts of dark twists and turns to take the reader down a pathway of adventure, horror, love, and lies. Mossman offers readers a look into what it is like to be clairvoyant. The plot of the book developed exceptionally well and smoothly transitioned from one scene into the next. Character development also was outstanding. I was able to visualize every character in the story as presented by the author. The people in the story came to life, and the reader will find themselves cheering on the heroes in their desperate search to save the life of Chantelle. Vivid descriptions of places like Cassie’s apartment, Pedro’s mother’s house, and the killer’s horrible abandoned place actually leave the reader sensing everything our hero sees, hears, feels, and smells. This is a well-written story, and I look forward to reading more from Karen J Mossman. Exceptional!

Reviewed by Teresa Syms for Readers’ Favorite

The Killer on the Heath is a short but intriguing book by Karen J. Mossman. The protagonist is Cassidy Newbold, a clairvoyant who assists her twin brother Seb, a detective, in his investigation. The two must solve the murder of a woman, Mandy Smith, while also dealing with the disappearance of a girl, Chantelle. Things get complicated when Cassidy runs into Chantelle’s brother and starts a relationship with him. In the meanwhile, Mandy’s killer shows up. Who knows if Cassidy will be able to keep her focus on the investigation instead of being distracted by love?

Emotions, mystery, and a rare talent (clairvoyance) are the ingredients of The Killer on the Heath and the reasons why Karen J. Mossman’s book is so enjoyable to read. I have always liked stories where there is a crime to solve, and this book is even more compelling because we have two investigations going on at the same time. If you, like me, love mystery, you cannot ask for more. In addition to the great storyline, I liked how Mossman portrays her heroine. Cassidy is a well-defined character, and we learn about both her private and professional life. The fact that her feelings temporarily cloud her ability to discover the truth makes her a person with whom it is easy to sympathize. I am glad The Killer on the Heath is just the first volume in The Cassidy Newbold, Clairvoyant Collection. I hope the next ones are just as enjoyable as this one, and I look forward to reading them.

The Killer on the Heath is the first installment of The Cassidy Newbold, Clairvoyant Collection by Karen J. Mossman. Cassidy Newbold (Cassie) is a clairvoyant empath, i.e. she can converse with the dead and stays highly attuned to people’s emotions. Alongside her twin brother Seb, a Detective Inspector, Cassie helps the authorities catch criminals by using her abilities. When a woman named Mandy Smith is murdered on Lowhampton Heath, Detective Inspector Newbold soon seeks her services to nab the culprit. Meanwhile, another woman named Chantelle is missing, and Cassie is dating the victim’s twin brother, Pedro. However, the relationship hits an impasse when Pedro’s smothering mother refuses to relinquish control over her son. But Cassie must hurry and find Chantelle before it’s too late as the prime suspect refuses to talk.

A fast-paced murder mystery novella filled with romance, suspense, and intrigue, The Killer on the Heath is a blast to read. Cassie is an instantly likable protagonist who drives the narrative with a combination of witty charm and humor that keeps you engaged with her character arc from start to finish. Her dynamic with her twin, Seb, is thoroughly compelling to read, and their combined abilities are what help them catch the killer and save lives in the process. Author Karen J. Mossman wastes little time in drawing the reader into the story as you find yourself latching onto Cassie from the get-go. If you’re a fan of sleuth stories or detective books, The Killer on the Heath is the book for you.

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite