Chasing Caitlyn

Which is more important – wreaking revenge or finding peace?

Caitlyn’s life is altered by the death of the father she idolized and further broken by a tainted prom night. These are triggers that begin her path of self-destruction. When happiness finally seemed attainable, she learned that her beloved husband isn’t who he appeared to be. This is the catalyst that forces the passive woman she’s become to no longer remain silent.

The past year had been full of lies, deceit, and revenge. All of it had changed me. It made me cold. The need to win drove my actions.

They say revenge is best served cold, but at what cost? In the end, Caitlyn must make a choice. Should she become the vengeful woman she’s plotted to be, or can she walk away for a fresh start?

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This story blends a mature coming-of-age tale with divorce fiction.  It is a powerful drama of self-discovery and realistic relationships.

Each book in this Women’s Fiction collection can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Chasing Caitlyn contains experiences not suitable for young readers or people offended by sex and suggested violence.

What’s inside

From Marnie Cate

The point of this book is to not only depict the ways in which we can be broken but also the availability of healing. You don’t have to stay imprisoned by your mistakes, in servitude to your choices, or under the cloud of your trials.  We all have the ability to push beyond where we have been and who we once were. 

Find your strength and realize your worth.  Then, and only then, will you be able to forgive and grow. 

Remember, you are not alone.  And, I believe you.


“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson



Yes, darling. Keep clicking those buttons. You’re giving me what I want. How kind of you to build my case for me. Not that I really need this additional indiscretion. I’ll have our divorce papers sent to you very soon.

He could pretend he was working hard, but I knew Jeremy. Maybe he was answering a few work texts, but the ones where his eyes brightened, bringing out his devilish grin, were not work.  It was her. I say her like there is just one. One woman is never enough for Jeremy.

Jeremy likes the chase. I was the last one…the one he finally caught. The one he decided worthy of him. I was enough of a trophy to marry.

Jeremy sat on his monstrous leather chair while I chose a loveseat across from him. Love seat…far from one.

When Jeremy proposed to me, he told me he found his ideal wife.  With me, his dream life would come true. I now wonder which meant more to him.

The penthouse we lived in was larger than most people’s houses. Centered in the financial district of Los Angeles, Jeremy insisted it was the perfect home for us. It was lavish and excessive in my opinion.  The view of the high-rise buildings, with their scattering of lit windows, irritated me.

By the time we moved in, Jeremy had already decorated it to his liking. Black leather furniture. The odd art deco sculpture. Dark wood floors. Grey walls with white accents. No wall hangings. The wall-to-wall windows with the view of the buildings were enough decoration for him. They showed success.

At least, he allowed me to put up an elegantly framed picture of us from our wedding day. Good idea, babe. We want to remind our guests they are dealing with a power couple. Still, no other evidence of life was in our home.  That was his style – cold and impersonal.

My mother warned me a man like Jeremy would give me security, but he would never meet my needs for love. As much as I hated to admit it, my mother was right. I knew that when I agreed to marry him. In the back of my mind, I knew he was not the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Earlier in the evening, he had started his texting and continued through the night. Setting his fork down on his unfinished plate, he excused himself, “Sorry, babe. I’ve got to put out some fires. I’m still reeling from the San Diego fiasco.”

“Of course,” I said, forcing a smile.

Yes, another night where he claimed he had a bunch of work to do…that he needed to catch up…that he had so much that couldn’t wait. This was not business.

Since the beginning of our marriage, there were signs that Jeremy was a womanizer. The blinders I put on allowed me to ignore it. At first, I could calm my mind and pretend it wasn’t happening, but tonight was different. The ding of each message was like a knife in my heart. The past didn’t matter anymore. It was time for me to put the final piece of my plan into action.

Like I said, for Jeremy, it was all about the chase, and he already captured me. How ironic he married me – Caitlyn Chase. He caught his prize, but not for long.

Closing my book and picking up my teacup, I decided it best to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” Jeremy lifted his eyes long enough to meet mine.

“I’m going to bed. I’m tired, Jeremy,” I said with a fake yawn.

Setting the phone down, he watched me walk away. Calling after me, he said, “I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you, babe. I have to keep those dollars rolling in, don’t I?”

“Yeah,” I said, laughing half-heartedly. I didn’t bother to turn around or he would have seen me roll my eyes.

I hated it when he called me babe. Confronting him would not be helpful. He’d tell me I was crazy. Then, if I didn’t apologize for my insanity, he would threaten to take everything away from me. I had no plans to be penniless at the age of thirty-two. Marrying badly shouldn’t be a sentence of poverty.

Soon, everything would change. His house of cards would come crashing down. The plan has been put into motion, and there was no turning back.

I set the cup in the sink and was jerked out of my bitter reverie by Jeremy’s touch. I let out a small gasp of surprise as he wrapped his strong arms around me. I eyed the knife block. It would be easy enough to stab him. I could claim it was an innocent mistake as I drove the blade into his femoral artery.

Once again, I rolled my eyes.  I had one shot at the blowing strike, and realistically, I knew that wouldn’t satisfy me. I wouldn’t like prison. Orange was not my color.

“You smell so good,” Jeremy purred in my ear. My body reacted to his warm breath on my skin.  Irritated, I reconsidered the idea of stabbing him as he began to kiss my neck. My body and my mind were in a battle. I forced myself to focus on the words I had been telling myself for the past year.

Be the good wife.

Ignore the fact he is probably imagining he is with someone else right now.

Sixteen hours, twenty-three minutes.

Then, you’re free.

Turning me around to face him, he kissed me on the tip of my nose. “Don’t be mad, babe. You know I’m doing all of this for you.” Lifting my chin with his finger, he asked in a firm voice, “You know that, right?”

“Of course, Jeremy,” I said, leaning in and kissing him.

Best actress in an unhappy marriage goes to Caitlyn Chase Whittaker. I want to thank everyone who made this possible, especially my lying cheat of a husband. This is really for you, Jeremy.

He interpreted my silencing kiss as an invitation and scooped me up into his arms.  I laughed in mock irritation and demanded he put me down.  With a grin, Jeremy set me down and took my hand. It felt like the last walk as he led me through our home.

I stared at the familiar bare walls, forcing myself to focus on the big picture. I could endure. It wasn’t like he was a fat, sweaty businessman. At one time, I loved when he dropped everything to lead me away to a quiet place.  But that was before reality hit. That was before I knew who he really was.

When we reached the bedroom, Jeremy wasted no time peeling my clothes off, and then his.  If the sight of him didn’t make me want to murder him, I would have enjoyed the view of his athletic body in the soft glow of the hallway light. Jeremy was, if anything, an attentive lover, and he had been equipped with the tools to satisfy.

Lying on the bed, I stared at the ceiling, pretending I had run away to meet my lover. I imagined spending the day on the beach, being massaged with oil by this delicious man. Then, when he finally took me, I would cry out as I reached climax.

“Does it feel good, babe?” Jeremy asked.

If you didn’t speak, it would feel better.  No, it would feel better if it wasn’t you. If it was him.

Tonight, I was unable to even feel the sweet release of pleasure from Jeremy’s touch. Not even with thoughts of the one I wanted to be with racing through my mind. Tonight, you fake it, I warned myself.

“I need to feel you, Jeremy. Come to me, baby,” I writhed and moaned.

With a satisfied grin, he slithered up my body. Closing my eyes, as if I was still reeling from the pleasure he gave me, I focused my mind back on the object of my fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, Jeremy was gorgeous. His tan, rock hard body made it easier to picture my imaginary lover.

Despite myself, I rocked against each of his thrusts. Each movement reminded me I was a liar.  I hated myself for enjoying even one second of it, especially since this time, I didn’t need to fake it. My body exploded from the pleasure of his skilled lovemaking.

When he finally reached his peak, he slipped off of me and rolled over. I didn’t need to look at him to see his pleased face. But to be fair, Jeremy was a selfish husband, but a giving lover.

Rolling away from him, I let out an audible sigh as I stared at the alarm clock.

Jeremy snuggled up behind me and kissed my shoulder. “I hope this time we made a baby. We would make the most beautiful children,” he whispered in my ear.

Not a chance in hell, I thought smugly. The white pills I had been popping each day ensured there would be no little Whittakers brought into this world by me. Jeremy was right though. We would have beautiful children.

Jeremy was the perfect ‘Cali Boy’ – blond hair, blue eyes, athletic, and charming. As for me, he often complimented my dark hair and hazel eyes. He said he had never seen a porcelain doll come to life in the body of a stripper, but I had mastered it. I should have left him then.

I felt the cold air on my back as he left the bed. “I need to go back to work. Thanks for the distraction, babe.”

Babe.  I concluded that this term of endearment was a way to ensure the wrong name was never called out…never spoken.  Once again, I was reminded Jeremy would never change, and that I needed to protect my heart, as well as my future.

The plan was in place. I would hit Jeremy where it hurt.  It had taken patience and cunning, but now, I would be the snake in the grass waiting to strike.

Fourteen hours, forty-two minutes.

Then, you’re free.

A single tear streamed down my cheek.  That’ll be the last tear you shed for any man, I scolded myself as I drifted off to sleep.

Our society needs this book

Joe Compton

This book is so well written, so engaging, with a clear distinct voice and very prominent message. It is a story that could have easily slipped up and become a “woh is me” cliche but the author does a tremendous job, not only pivoting your perspective and surprising you at several turns, she also defines these turns with a precision that makes complete sense and draws you in. I think this is a great reading opportunity for anyone raising a young man. Yes you read that right. This book does a very good job of pointing out that situations and livelihoods will never truly change until we reach the young men and give them a true perspective on what damage they can do, even if its nonchalant and fairly innocent from their eyes. Beyond the message this is a well paced story that has you zigging and zagging when you least expect too. While I love Thomas as an ancillary character and his role is important, Jack is someone who I aspire to be in my everyday life and he really is the most well rounded character, besides Caitlyn herself of course. There are some shocking elements, turns, and scenes that may not appeal to everyone but beyond that lies a fundamentally true to life story that is told better than most of these I have ever read or even heard about.

A Powerful Story of Redemption

J.M. Northup

The anger of this young woman is something most of us can relate to. The painful experiences that created her vengeful heart are horrific, but more so when you realize they truly happen to people (male and female). It is easy to understand Caitlyn’s plight and the reasons she cannot simply walk away.

Still, this story is deeper. It has layers that meld together some things while tearing apart others. The coolest thing about this story is the journey the protagonist takes because it is one of self-discovery. CHASING CAITLYN isn’t about Caitlyn cashing after her demons, but rather, its about her chasing the person she is and the person she ought to be.

With deep topics, which include but are not limited to rape and drug abuse, there is a balance of tenderness with friendship, romance, and hope. This book is a roller coaster of emotions that will have you burning with rage and singing with joy. It is definitely a book you’ll be glad to have read!”



This book is so important in today’s world. Not only is this a great book for women, but men should read this story as well. The author does an excellent job portraying the struggle to find self-worth amidst sexual abuse, and there’s a true-to-life range of relationships to learn from. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by , author of The Kota Series

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