In the world of the written word, Simone Beaudelaire strives for technical excellence while advancing a worldview that blends the sacred and the sensual.  These stories are of people whose relationships are founded on faith, but are no less passionate for it.  Unapologetically explicit, yet undeniably classy, Beaudelaire’s 20+ novels aim to make readers think, cry, pray…  and get a little hot and bothered.

In real life, the author’s alter-ego teaches composition at a Kansas community college in a small western town, where she lives with her four children, three cats, and husband – fellow author, Edwin Stark.

As both romance writer and academic, Beaudelaire devotes herself to promoting the rhetorical value of the romance novel in hopes of overcoming the stigma associated with literature’s biggest female-centered genre.

       Simone’s                                   Simone & Edwin’s



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