Author Directory

A. J. Griffiths-Jones / Crime & Cozy Mystery

Anneli Lort / Romance, Author of The Appleton Vale Series

Brian L. Porter / Bestselling Author of Mystery, Thriller, Non-Fiction, Children’s Books, & Poetry

C.A. Wilke / Author

Carole Gill / Bestselling Horror Author

Casey T. Bartsch / Author

Chantel Seabrook / Epic Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

Chris Tetreault-Blay / Horror & Science Fiction

Christie Stratos / Author of the Dark Victoriana Collection

Craig Gaydas / Young Adult, Science Fiction, & Mystery

Cynthia A. Morgan / Author of the Dark Fey Trilogy

D.S. Williams / Author of The Nememiah Chronicles & Editor

Daniel Maldonado / Hispanic American Literature, Author of The Chambers Lane Series

Edwin P. Stark / Horror, Humor, & Romance

Eileen Thornton / Thriller, Cozy Mysteries, & Romance

Elizabeth N. Love / Author & Editor

Eric Schumacher / Historical Fiction, Author of Hakon’s Saga

Eve Gaal / Fiction, Romance, & Inspirational

James John Cudney IV / Author

James Quinn / Crime Thrillers & Mystery

Joe Compton / Crime Thrillers & Creator of GoIndieNow

John W Wood / Author of The House of Crow

Joshua Buller /  Young Adult, Science Fiction, & Fantasy

Jude Ouvrard / Young Adult & Romance, Author of the Ink Series

Julia Sutton / Author

Kathleen O’Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear / Bestselling Historical Fiction Authors & Award-winning archaeologist, Authors of the People Books – First North Americans

Kathryn Wells / Fantasy, Children’s Books, Short Stories, & Poetry

Kenna McKinnon / Author

Kerry Watts / Crime Fiction & Children’s Books

L.G. Surgeson / Science Fiction & Fantasy, Author of The Black River Chronicles

Laurie Woodward / Author of The Artania Chronicles

Margaret Millmore / Author of Supernatural Fiction

Mari Collier / Science Fiction & Twisted Tales, Author of The Chronicles of the Maca Series

Natalie Case / Poet & Author of Forever and The Through Shade & Shadows Series & Editor

Richard Ankers / Poet & Author of The Eternals Series

Robin Murphy / Paranormal Fiction

Simone Beaudelaire / Bestselling Romance Author

Susan-Alia Terry / Author

Suzie Lowe / Young Adult, Author of Seventeen the Series