Norns Triad Publications is a publishing collaboration between three authors: J.M. Northup, Marnie Cate, and Sahara Foley.

Why Norns Triad Publications?

Mythology is a fundamental element of storytelling.  As we are three female writers taking charge of our own destiny, it only made sense to choose The Norns (pronounced ‘norms’, which translates to ‘the twine’).  Urd (‘what once was’), Verdandi (‘what is’), and Skuld (‘what shall be’) are the goddesses of destiny who weave the fates of gods and humans alike.

File:Nornorna spinner ödets trådar vid Yggdrasil.jpg  File:Nornir by Pietsch.jpg File:Die Nornen (1889) by Johannes Gehrts.jpg

You have Norse Runes in your logo.  What do they mean?

The Norns are the trio that create the Triad of Being.  This triad makes up a third of the Valknut, which also represents the Nine Worlds of the Norse Cosmos.  This is where the triangle in our logo was derived from.
The ‘X’ in our logo is the Norse rune, Gyfu (also known as Gebo).  It is the 7th rune, and represents the ‘G’ in the Runic Alphabet.  It means ‘gifts’ (both given and taken), balance, and partnership.  As we are a partnership, we’ve included it.


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