Book Review by Carmen Tenorio for Readers’ Favorite

A Rhyme in Time by Simon Macdonald is a charming compilation of children’s nursery rhymes. From verses about a sleeping baby, a puppy dog, a garden gnome, a princess, or the sea shore, the author promises a children’s book filled with new fairy tales and fantasy told in rhythmic poetry. The author wants children (and adults) to easily connect with and feel joy in his writing, which is crafted from the viewpoint of a child’s sense of innocence. The poems are written in memorably amusing language with a sprinkling of Scottish style and resonance.

The illustrations will appeal to young children and can be easily associated with the words in the poems. The picture of colorful lollies outside a chocolate cake house with sugar cones and ice cream in the poem Sweet World is meant to help children virtually enjoy its sweetness by seeing the treats and being reminded of their taste. The illustrations also give pictorial clues to help young readers, especially visual learners, to figure out certain words from the simple poems. The rhythmic pattern of the verses is ideal for young minds to help them remember what they read and follow the story well. Fairy tales in poetry style not only tap into the child’s imagination but encourage literacy as well. The simple and sometimes humorous language can also be entertaining. This book is highly recommended as a storybook for bedtime or even as read-aloud material for story time in the classroom or library for beginning or emergent readers.

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