Dark suspenseful thriller
The struggle of religious war has marked the last two years as followers of Flame Carrier and the Kitsinas religion. The world is aflame with raiders, and graphically violent attacks that have swelled their numbers of refugees, mainly elderly and children. The dream of Spider Silk, daughter of Born of water and Golden Fawn, is more at risk than ever before. War Chief Browser and Catkin, find that their allies are destroyed by remarkably violent and ritualistic raids. Their return to the people has more shocking news as “the Two” have returned.
The look at the devastation of the Puebloan world by famine and warfare has left the society reeling. The ritualized attacks and execution of the people has left many very graphic archeological finds. Many of the remains are the elderly and the very young. Michael and Kathleen bring a heart rendering tale to life. Creating for their readers a world on the edge, where everything is barely in balance. Their remarkable characters make this dark time during the droughts of the 1200’s into an epic adventure that shows the darkness and the true light of belief, and man.

Justin Wiggins never ceases to amaze me, and he has done it again in his newest novella, Celtic Dawn.
In this enchanting epic fantasy, Justin beautifully and skillfully weaves myth, religion, legend, and love uniquely and profoundly, taking you into the story and enrapturing every part of your being. Justin has written characters that will cast an emotional spell on you to where they will have you fully emotionally invested in them.
Celtic Dawn is transcendent and enthralling, a bonafide page-turner. I truly enjoyed reading this work of wonder, and I am confident you will also. I highly recommend it!

I am not a person to read a book in two hours, but in this case, I could not put it down. The author had me hooked from the beginning.
It is an Alfred Hitchcock thriller! It is a must-read thriller, but beware – you will not want to put it down.

I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of My Life on Tender, in exchange for an honest review. The content of my review has not been affected by this.
I truly enjoyed reading this fun, roller coaster of a story! I’ve dabbled in online dating and it’s such a guessing game. It’s so hard to know what the other person is looking for me so many aren’t completely honest about their intentions. A.G. manages to capture the essence of that experience perfectly. There are so many twists and turns in Arina and Cal’a story and I really didn’t see the ending coming. But, after a little thought, I fully approve. Also, one of the things I really love is that there is a playlist based on the book and that really made everything even more fun. The playlist helped me feel more connected to the characters, as well. I truly believe that you will enjoy reading their story.
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