Anglesey is a small island just off the north Wales coast. It’s been my home for over seven years. I love to read books based here and to walk in a character’s footsteps and see what they saw. To fully immerse yourself in a story like that gives you an all-round experience.

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Anglesey Books gives you an insight into our small island and the exciting fiction based here.

Fight or Flight is set around various areas of Anglesey, so I’ll choose one where a lot of the action happens. It is situated on a beach near Aberffraw on the west of the island. That coastline boasts spectacular views of the sea and the waves crashing into the rocks and shoreline.

Porth Trecastell or its English name of Cable Bay is a beautiful small cove with a big expanse of sand. It often gets overlooked by people passing by on the main road, sidetracked by the lure of sand dunes and various other beaches along the way.

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