When I started my crystal journey, I posted my love for them on my Facebook page along with some pictures.  One of my friends commented that they threw away all their crystals because they were told they were evil and praying to them meant you were praying to false idols.


WTH?!  You know praying to the virgin Mary or any saint is praying to false idols.  Right? The ignorance of the masses just floors me sometimes.

Anyway, reciting affirmations or mantras is not praying.  They can be part of meditation and are used to reinforce positivity in your life.  Instead of repeating negative thoughts, or self-doubt, you recite positive statements and create new neural pathways in your brain. Which leads to fulfilling your life goals. 

I have to admit, I really didn’t get into the whole affirmation thing with crystals until recently.  Even though I don’t believe in a god, I do believe in the power of prayer as our brains have powerful, unknown psyche abilities.  So why wouldn’t affirmations wok as well? 

As I posted previously, you do need to cleanse and activate your crystals before using them for any type of purpose.  And you will need to clean and recharge them if you use them.  Some crystals, depending on what you use them for, will accumulate the negativity from either inside or around you, so you need to clean them to expel it. 

The first stone I felt a true connection with was Carnelian.  It was a palm stone I got from a lucky scoop, I think.  It made me think of butterscotch.  All warm and soft.  It sits next to my chair in the living room.  I’ve never said any affirmations for it, but maybe I should.  😁

Carnelian helps to stabilize our emotions, helps boost our confidence, and increase our creativity.  There are affirmations for Confidence and Love

If you’re looking for Money and Success or need shielding from the negativity around you, Pyrite should be in your crystal collection.  According to Feng Shui, Pyrite has to be placed in the southeast corner of your office to attract abundance, or the left corner of your home for protection. 

With Pyrite, there are affirmations for Money & Success or Protection & Shielding

Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals on the planet, and the most plentiful.  It’s the quality of the crystal that matters with Clear Quartz.  Though, when saying your affirmations, the quality really doesn’t matter.  However, the better the quality, the stronger the vibrations that emanate from it. 

Clear Quartz if great to help with mental clarity and is used in combination with other crystals to help boost their powers.  But be careful about using Clear Quartz with Citrine.  I’ve heard that a Citrine crystal was broken when used in conjunction with Clear Quartz.

Here are affirmations to help with Anxiety or for Restful Sleep.

Amethyst is what most people think about when it comes to crystals.  A lot of collectors love them.  Me?  I can take or leave them.  They just don’t connect to me at all.  However, they are gorgeous to look at.  😍

A lot of crystals will help you achieve the same goals.  So, you want to use the crystal that calls to you.  Amethyst is also from the quartz family and the affirmations for it will help the same issues as Clear Quartz. 

Here are the mantras you can use with Amethyst for Anxiety or for Restful Sleep. 

Citrine is my all time favorite crystal.  How can you not love it when it’s so full of rainbows and it just glows with an inner sun.  It’s called the Merchant Stone as it will help with prosperity and abundance.  

It’s the second most powerful crystal in the world and very sought after.  Especially the higher quality ones, so you need to know the difference between the real and fake ones

I’d started doing my mantra’s with my citrine but then stopped.  While I was doing it, I started getting sales on my Esty store: PJsCrystalBliss.  Then they all dried up during most of October.  I started reciting them again towards the end of October and now I’m getting sales again.  Coincidence?  

While I was setting up this post yesterday and right after I had said my affirmations, I got a sale. And had two more since then.  Could just be people shopping for Christmas.  Or it could be that my Citrine is moving the Universal Law of Attractions my way.  After saying your mantras, always thank your crystals.  

Here are the affirmations that I say every morning:

Citrine is the Merchant Stone and I call upon it’s energy to attract success in the workplace.

My Citrine helps me manifest piles of prosperity. 

I deserve abundance.  

If these don’t resonate with you, here are lots more that address: Money, Wealth & Abundance: Confidence, Clarity & Focus: Hope & Positivity: and Joy & Happiness. 

All of the above crystals are in my collection and some are for sale in my shop.  Check them out at. https://pjscrystalbliss.etsy.com

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