When I was a child we played outside all day during the weekends and school holidays. Our imagination knew no bounds. We had no idea it was healthy, or that the fresh air was doing us good. Most of all we were more than ready for our bedtime.

At school during playtime, our favourite game to play was called Egg and Bacon. One person would be the leader, and the others would create a line holding their hands upwards.

All palms would be slapped while the leader chanted ‘egg or bacon, egg or bacon,’ until everyone had been touched. They were then asked which they wanted – egg was a slow twizzer or bacon, a fast one.

Crossing hands, the leader would spin them round until he released them. They would come to a stop, and freeze like a statue.

Once all the players had their turn, the leader told everyone to go to sleep. Not moving, they shut their eyes tightly and waited.

He would then tap the kids on the shoulder to wake them up until there was only one left. Everyone crowded around the last child and shout ‘boo’ at the top of their voices.

It was a simple game, which we all loved, and we always wanted to be the one who left last.

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