My Favorite So Far
What an entertaining tale. Not only was it fun to revisit the characters, getting to know them better, but also it was a well developed story. I enjoyed book 1 and look forward to book 3, but this is my favorite so far.
Dallas wasn’t particularly likable in book 1, but he redeemed himself. I think the difference is that you get to see through his POV, which gives you better insight into who he is. The monster he becomes seems fitting.
There are still a few plot holes, but Scott Burtness spins quite a yarn. I love his metaphors, and his writing is engaging. It’s just just fun to read – definitely recommend it!!!!

I thought I picked this book up through my KU membership, but it was through Prime instead. And it still is a Prime book.
Like most high fantasy books, this one is a long read, so be prepared. I really enjoyed the world that Cobble invented. The fact a young man who taught himself how to brew ale became the focus of a grand quest. I like Ben and his personality. Coming from a small town, all he’s known is myths and legends about the world beyond their walls. Now, he has a chance to see it for himself. And it’s not what he expected. Is it ever?
I really enjoyed the secondary characters too. Because with a high fantasy, you know you have to have quest companions. Even though I felt like the writing is a bit dull and dry, they were built up enough to get attached to them.
What I didn’t like was the writing. A lot, and I mean a lot of exposition and telling. There were also scenes that didn’t advance the plot, just needless words. However, when I still had over 4 hours left in the book, I read it in one setting. I couldn’t put it down. Then it ended on a cliff-hander. That’s when I found out the series isn’t in KU. Oh NO. I’m not sure if I’ll read book 2, though I want too.
Do I recommend the book? Yes, I do. It’s perfect for people who love fantasy worlds to get lost in, companions to share a laugh or cry with, and a great plot. I give it 4 stars.

This is the latest book published by Norns Triad Publications.
Babies are adored and loved and this book is a perfect reminder of that. It’s the type of story you would read to your child reminding them of when they were a baby. It tells them just how precious they are. It would also be good for parents of new babies to read to their toddler.
I particularly liked the illustrations. I think they are a great accompaniment and would delight both adult and child alike.
Overall, a pleasant little book, simply written, and aimed at its target audience.
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