“Many believe birth control is a fairly modern invention. However, men and women as far back as 3000 BC used various ways to prevent pregnancy.”

Often, people with chronic illnesses or medical conditions become specialized in their knowledge. This self-education is not only important for making good choices, it is vital for quality care and communication amongst the care team. As a person with “female issues,” I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge relating to sexual health and reproductive care, but it is a topic that’s been important to me. I value it not just because I have struggled with women’s health, but more so because generations of women have died due to lack of proper medical teaching, diagnosis, and treatment.

ORIGINAL POST: Readers, September’s Important for Sexual Health by J.M. Northup | Sep 4, 2022

Today is about understanding why contraception is important (it goes beyond preventing pregnancies) and how to prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).
There are many Conditions That Threaten Women’s Lives in Childbirth & Pregnancy. There are known facts and unknown factors with age being a big one. As a woman ages, so does her eggs, which will complicate childbirth and increase potential birth defects. This can not only jeopardize the child’s life, but the mother’s, as well. Many women died young from tuberculosis throughout history because of repeat pregnancies. That is because women are more prone to get it during their reproductive years, and they 1) didn’t have proper healthcare in the past and 2) weren’t allotted time to recover from previous pregnancies before they were, once again, with child.
In addition, pregnancy changes a woman’s body… permanently. Then there are changes caused from giving birth. It takes time to recover… Contraception can help.


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