I could only wish that this book had been written in my children’s childhood.
The embrace of the Philippines and Georgia culture. I found the Philippine mythologies wonderful, showing the nature of the stories. Giving hints to the dark stories, and the light inspirations that are thread through the story.
The story is inspiring and beautiful in its descriptions. The lessons are important for many children patience, courage, and resolution. I love Sasso and find his and Emilio’s comments hilarious. I giggled about their comments.
I was so impressed I purchased a copy to share with my children, and hopefully the next generation.

Paused, a book written by Stephanie Ellis, was a real page-turner. The premise is that a pandemic has swept through the world which causes people to “pause”, rendering them unable to move or speak but leaving them cognizant of what’s happening around them.
The book starts off with great momentum and continues throughout. The characters are well-thought out and relatable, making it that much more heartbreaking when a character succumbs to the disease. The end of the book is very thought provoking, leaving one to ponder what the world would look like after this type of pandemic, especially how much the world changed after COVID.
Paused wasn’t a long book, which made it easy to read; however, I felt a little more substance related to the main character’s family could have been added to build up to the end. I would rate this book 5 stars because I enjoyed the dramatic, nail-biting development of the events.

Being the best criminal defense attorney in the Hamptons can create a lot of enemies. Jane F. Smith is tough, she’s strong, and as a competitive athlete she’s learned to never settle for second place. Jane is preparing a defense for Rob Jacobson, a high profile client who has been accused of a triple homicide. He insists that he’s innocent, but Jane knows that the only opinions that matter are those of the jury. As if her schedule isn’t full enough, Greg McCall, the Nassau County District Attorney, asks her to help him investigate a cold case, the murder of the Carson family in Garden City. So, now Jane has two triple homicides to solve. In the middle of everything, Jane receives a devastating medical diagnosis. She has twelve months to live. But, first she has a case to win, unless she’s murdered by her own client.
The I absolutely loved Jane! She’s not only smart and witty, she is likeable. The dialogue is full of quippy one liners when Jane is around. Besides, Jane, I really like Jimmy as a character. He is intuitive and makes an amazing friend for Jane. The story was fast paced and easy to read. James definitely has another hit on his hands with this one. The only thing that bothers me is that Jane has been given a year to live. We need her to make a full recovery so we can have a series with her as the star.
I’d like to thank Little, Brown, and Company for sending me an advanced reader copy of 12 Months to Live. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
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