Anglesey is a small island off the north Wales coast. It’s been my home for over seven years. I love to read books based here and to walk in a character’s footsteps. To fully emerge yourself in a story like that gives you an all-round experience.

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Anglesey Books gives readers an insight into our small island and the exciting fiction based here.

Blood on the Shoreline is set around the holiday destination of Benllech. It boasts one of the most glorious beaches on the island, and it is a hotspot for tourists. It is here that the grisly murder of a young woman happens. Her head is discovered poking out of the sand.

Benllech Beach – image courtesy of Google Earth

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Over the years my family and I have had many happy holidays there. The children had donkey rides, a thing of the past these days, which is probably for the best now. It used to be a big tradition on British beaches.

The photographs below were taken in the early nineties. That’s me with the floral top with the little girl. She was called Chelsea and fostered by my mum, who has her back to the camera. The boy in green is my son. The other picture is my husband and son enjoying the wide expanse of sand that Benlech is renowned for.

I read Blood on the Shore in July 2023. It’s the third book of a trilogy. I absolutely loved it, and it’s a thrilling crime drama. The next one is not due out until January 2024, so I guess the author is busy writing. Because it’s such a good series, many of his fans, like me, will be eagerly awaiting its publication.

You can read my review below, which I also put on various review sites including Bookbub. I can’t tell you how excited I was when this mainstream, famous author, read it and liked it.

My Review of Blood on the Shore

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