Enlighten Singing Bowl — Garrett Benisch

As mentioned in a previous article about cleaning your crystals, you can use sound, which entails a tuning fork, bell, or a singing bowl.  I opted for a singing bowl.  I actually have two. 

However, singing bowls aren’t just for crystals.  They can be used for medication,  and cleaning water.  Did you know that you can set your intentions in water?  And that water has a memory?  I’ve read about that years ago.  It’s quite fascinating. 

And then I ran across this video where they could measure the effects of the singing bowl on tap water and the energy field around a person.  Very cool. 

With the increase in popularity of crystals, there has also been an increased demand for singing bowls.  And, like everything else, there are fake ones out there.  So beware of what you’re buying.  What you need to look out for is the continuous tone (singing) after you strike the rim of the bowl and then run the mallet around the outside in a clockwise motion.  It takes some skill, which I don’t have.  🤣😂

Here’s me, attempting to do just that.

I’ve been told that not ALL crystals can be cleansed or activated by singing bowls, but I haven’t been able to find anything to support that statement.  Maybe that sort of information can be found in books with more details about crystals and their components.  But, for now, I’ll just follow these instructions and go from there.  If anything else, it will help clean the energy field around me and my crystals. 

Have you used a singing bowl?  What has been your experience? 

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