“On September 4th, World Sexual Health Day brings greater awareness of sexual health. Managed by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), the day also celebrates sexuality and promotes sexual rights.”

SEXUAL HEALTH – This is about more than intercourse. When discussing sexual health, we’re talking about physical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of relationships when related to sex, sexuality, and the relationships forged because of them. This is just as much for men and transexuals as it is for women.

ORIGINAL POST: Readers, September’s Important for Sexual Health by J.M. Northup | Sep 4, 2022

Today isn’t just for women. Honestly, it isn’t about gender, though historically that has played a huge role in what kind of care you received. Just as race and economic status has. We should be enlightened enough now to know that is bullshit and proper healthcare, in general, is a basic right for all life.

Anyway, today is about healthy relationships, equality as a sexual partner, understanding how to care for your body as well as your partners, and sexual education. It is about being able to speak your mind without ridicule or violence. It involves, knowing what to do to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Furthermore, it includes your rights to privacy, justice, and integrity.

No one should be forced to do something they are uncomfortable with. You do have a right to know your partners’ sexual history, especially since you have a 10-year window for HPV to show up and 20-years for syphilis. There are bigger concerns than just potential pregnancies, though all of it is literally a matter of life and death at times.


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