I love the cinema, it’s great for all the family to enjoy together. Or, an outing for a group of friends. You can even go on your own. I’ve done that in the past. There is something exciting about burrowing down in the seat with a huge screen in front of you and the sound coming from all sides. Not forgetting the popcorn. That is a must for me. What do you like to eat while you watch the film?

I remember being a young child in the sixties and going to the matinee on a Saturday afternoon. All the kids would shout and cheer which created a great atmosphere.

Cinemas have gone through many changes over the last forty years. From the humble flea pit to armchair-like seats and waitress service.

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When I was growing up we had the grand cinemas in vast theatre-like auditoriums with stalls and circles. And in Manchester, we had two such ones situated in beautiful architectural buildings. These eventually closed and we had small cinemas in one building. Studies 1 -6 were on the main road through town. Suddenly we were given a much wider selection of films to watch. They soon disappeared and we went back to big auditoriums again, this time with a more inte4ractive experience such as 3D and motion seats.

Books have always been made into films, and never more so than in these latter years. So here are four books that have been turned into blockbuster movies.

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