Average Joe Becomes A Vampire
This was quite original. Loving monsters and being from the Midwest, a friend of mine and I decided to read this trilogy together. We had no idea what we were getting into, but we both found much to enjoy.
What I liked was the touches of home and the great metaphors. The author has a great way with words, drawing distinct and new visuals. I found them both entertaining and refreshing.
What I didn’t like was that a lot of his Midwest references were from my home state of Minnesota (i.e. You betchas, off dah, and okay’den) and nothing a respectable Wisconsinite would say, unless they were teasing us Minnesotans (my husband is from Wisconsin) LOL
I also felt there were some plot holes that left me with questions as to how certain things could happen. I overlooked them because it is a book and I was enjoying it, but I felt the plot could’ve been stronger as well as some of the details more developed.
Would I recommend this story? Yes. Not only that, I am moving onto the next book in the series. Flaws didn’t matter for this tale. The author makes it a fun read and that is what counts in the end. Good job!

I haven’t read a young children’s book in years so I didn’t know what to expect. This is a charming story about the adventures of Boomer. His curiosity gets the better of him and off he hops to see the world.
The illustrations are adorable and fit the story line as it goes along. I found myself smiling at several of his misadventures. This is a perfect book to share with your young ones. What’s a better way to spend time with them but through reading?
I recommend it and give it 5 stars.

This is book five of the Cormoran Strike series. I’ve enjoyed them, but this is by far the biggest book I’ve ever read.
I really enjoyed the story line, and the intricate details that brought it alive. The descriptions put me beside the characters and made me feel I was there too. I’ve never known an author to write in this way. The words painted a picture and therefore transported me right into the action.
Solving a forty-year old mystery was always going to be difficult. Cormoran and Robin leave no stone unturned.
What I really enjoyed was the chemistry between the main characters. Although it was frustrating at times because they constantly hid their true feeling from each other. Another thing I really liked was the glimpses of humour that popped up unexpectedly from the intricate, and often complicated plot. These added much relief to darkness of this thriller.
What I didn’t like was that although brilliantly conveyed, it was over written, with over nine hundred pages. I learnt that when Strike went to interview someone, it would last for a very long chapter. No detail was spared, from what type of biscuit he was offered to what it reminded him of when he last ate it. Towards the end I was desperate to find whodunit. This resulted in skimming through the pages to get there.
Overall, Troubled Blood is a brilliant book. The mystery of it, the cleverly woven clues, and the characters themselves. I adored the ending between Comoran and Robin. Their moment of love, friendship, and respect, spoke volumes to each other. It left me wondering if they would finally connect in the next book.
An Ink Black Heart, is the next on line, and another marathon read with over a thousand pages. Troubled Blood took me seventeen days to complete. So I need a breather before I start the sixth.
I had hoped this would be the last. But unfortunately not. I’ve just spotted on Amazon that there will be seven in total and six are available now. I don’t want to read any more because of their size. However, I probably will because they are so addictive!
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