“Today’s observance is about recognizing honey bees and beekeepers as well as their important place in our world. One way to do this is by encouraging everyone to purchase locally.”

ORIGINAL POST: Readers, It’s World Honey Bee Day! by J.M. Northup | Aug 20, 2022

Yes, National Honey Bee Day is on SATURDAY.
Yes, I am posting this the Sunday after, but better late than never, yeah?

My week has been crazy, but honey bees are important. I wanted to make time to ensure we recognize them. They aren’t just providers for sweeteners, but they are vital for pollination and medications.

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“Today is a day to enjoy locally sourced honey. I’ve never been a honey lover until recently. I’ve found I liked clear honey from the supermarket, but when a man came to clean our carpets he also had a basket of honey that his wife had made. It was simply called Welsh honey and I was allowed to sample it. Although I liked the supermarket one. This was totally delicious. Sweet and pure, it was a delight for my taste buds. I bought two bottles and will not be buying supermarket ones again.”

ORIGINAL POST: World Honey Bee Day by Karen J Mossman | Aug 22, 2021

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