Meet Boomer who is a curious bunny. He lives in the forest with his less interested siblings. One day, Boomer sees a runner, decides to follow him, and finds himself in unknown places. What do you think he will do? Curious as he is, he decides to explore. What will Boomer see? First, he sees a garden with flowers and decides to taste them. Then, he sees houses, a sprinkler, a white cat trying to catch a squirrel, and much more. There are many things to discover in the places Boomer explores; will he be able to see them all? Diann Floyd Boehm will reveal all in her book Boomer The Curious Bunny.

Children are naturally curious and allowing them to explore is the best way to enable them to learn new things. Boomer the Curious Bunny is a picture book that tells the story of a lovable protagonist and will make young readers want to discover the world around them as Boomer did. Diann Floyd Boehm knows how to tell an entertaining story and how to hold the attention of her young readers. Lovely illustrations are provided by Judy Gaudet. It was nice to discover the world together with Boomer, and I must say, I had fun with him. I am sure everyone who reads this book will agree with me and greatly enjoy the adventures of the young rabbit. I recommend Boomer the Curious Bunny to any young reader who loves to explore and is curious and brave.

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