“Have you ever looked out over the water and thought you saw a fantastic creature break the surface? Well, in August 1848, several men aboard the HMS Daedalus couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked out upon the South Atlantic. Several passengers and officers on a voyage to Saint Helena spied a 60-foot-long creature bearing a peculiar maned head above the ocean water. National Sea Serpent Day commemorates this siting and the many other stories that continue to be told.”


I think there are a lot of unexplainable things in the world/universe, which I am fine with. As a person of faith, I trust in God and feel happy not knowing everything about everything. Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss. I would think so in the case of monsters, anyway. LOL

No matter what, I love mysteries. I am intrigued by the unknown and the potential of monsters, aliens, magic… I think most of us are. That is what makes days like today so much fun, not to mention reading such a joy.

You know what else makes reading a blessing? you can do, be, and experience anything without actually becoming a monster or being eaten by one!

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