Recently, Dusty & I took our granddaughters to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, Minnesota. We’ve visited before with our daughters as well as the other set of grandkids, and love it. Not only do the funds go to a great cause (supporting the conservation, research, and rehabilitation of injured eagles) but it is also educational and entertaining.

When we first went to the National Eagle Center, they had 200 mated pairs of eagles nested in Wabasha. It was the largest concentration in the world with eagles being endangered. Thanks to the efforts of this amazing center, numbers have grown, and we have seen the return of this beautiful species.

With gorgeous views, humorous hosts, and wild ambassadors, this quite an experience; one you can tailor to your taste. They offer a fun interactive indoor program, an outdoor program, habitat tour, and even a cruise. You can learn more HERE.

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