“While you may not think you have something to give away, you might be surprised. Tangible items like clothing, money, and food aren’t always what’s needed, though they may be the most common.”


I have never been motivated by money or material things. I like feeling appreciated and knowing what I do matters, even when it isn’t appreciated. I think that is why this observance spoke to me. I recall my grandmother (an avid volunteer) being involved with Big Brothers, Big Sisters as well as helping many elderly. And my mom, donating her time and talents to help at the school, in the community, and with whatever activity I decided to partake in. I learned at a young age that giving meant so much more than money.

Today, as we celebrate the joy of giving, what do you want to offer? Why? If it money, perhaps you have a surplus of that, but not time. Or perhaps you are able to give of yourself or your talents, but money is not abundant. No matter. Giving in about sharing, which we all know is caring!

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