I remember a time before plastic when we used baskets and strong paper carriers for all our shopping. Then when plastic bags came in, everything changed. It was easier and more convenient. Businesses promoted themselves with logos and store names emblazoned on the sides. The plastic bag became a walking advert. When I was a teenager, it would be regarded as ‘cool’ to be using a particular brand.

We soon became aware of the damage plastic did to the environment. Our attention was drawn to the mountains of rubbish mainly filled with plastic that couldn’t be destroyed. As a result, attitudes slowly began to change.

In recent years, many businesses have made the switch to paper bags to align with sustainability goals and consumer preferences. Grocery stores, fashion retailers, and food establishments often use paper bags as a way to promote their commitment to the environment and attract eco-conscious customers.

For me, I now see paper crafters make beautiful ones that become part of the gift itself.

Their popularity continues to grow, highlighting the importance of sustainable choices in our everyday lives.

In the meantime, why not consider making your own?

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