Last month, I talked about placing moss agate crystals in some of my flower pots.  I went into detail HERE.  For some reason, WordPress deleted most of my images, so excuse the messy looking post.  😭  But the above picture is from that article.  Keep that in mind. 

Anyway, everyday I sit on my patio and gaze upon my gorgeous flowers and I’m so impressed by how they look.  It’s been in the 90’s for almost a straight week, which is unusual for June in my part of the world.  And pansy’s just hate the heat.  But look at them go!

So vibrant and overflowing with blossoms.  And how about the snapdragons.  Wow!  Now, let’s look at my zienna’s.  This is where the real difference can be seen. 

The red pot is the one with the moss agate crystal buried in the soil.  The square pot in the background, none.  Look how much taller and fuller the red pot looks.  And then compare it to the picture on the right which was from last month.  Amazing. 

Here’s a look at both tables.  My petunias are going strong, but they’re starting to get leggy from the heat.  People complement me all the time on my flowers.  I’ve always had a green thumb, but adding moss agate to the mix has stepped up my game.  😄

With the fantastic results I’m seeing, I wondered if there were other crystals that help plants grow or thrive.  Off to Google I went.  And, of course, there are.  I found several articles but they all had at least ten crystals in common.  Some surprised me.  What I was shocked not to find was any form of jasper.  Well, there was the rainforest jasper, but it’s not that common.

You know those award-winning humongous pumpkins we see each year?  What if they were grown with crystals.  Would the farmers tell their secrets. 🤔

From one to ten in alphabetically order:

  1. Citrine – give your plants strength and power.
  2. Clear Quartz – Prepare a crystal elixir by keeping your crystals in a jar and filling it with water. Let the jar sit in the moonlight overnight and use it to water your garden.
  3. Green Aventurine – place this crystal very close to your struggling plants. Putting crystals in soil with clear quartz will help promote growth.
  4. Green Calcite – Putting the crystals near potted plants will help keep them healthy and boost their growth if they’re growing slowly.
  5. Malachite – can create a natural barrier that blocks electromagnetic fields that affect the growth of your plants. It also absorbs the toxins and negative energies that cause your plants to wither and wilt, so it can help sick plants recover, especially when used with sodalite crystals.
  6. Moonstone – will help your plants dig their roots deeper into the ground. 
  7. Moss Agate – known as the gardener’s stone because it promotes the growth of plants.
  8. Rose Quartz – can be buried in the soil to boost the plant’s growth.
  9. Smoky Quartz – putting them next to your plant pots will help repel different pests and diseases.
  10. Tiger’s Eye – add to your garden if your trees aren’t growing healthily or are prone to pest infestations. It also has protective properties, so you can use it to protect your trees from different pests and diseases like the thousand cankers disease and black rot.

it’s also noted that if you use the crystals with your vegetable garden or fruit trees, you will be eating healthier food. Not only will you be healing your plants, you’ll eat the benefits of those vibrational properties.  Pretty darn cool. 

In addition, I wanted to point out that Anna, my crystal mentor, told me that moss agate and red jasper will help bring rain.  You need to soak them in water and then bury them in your yard.  Well, we’ve been in a severe drought for a few years.  In May, we had the least amount of rain fall in weather recorded history.  Not good and it’s hurting the farmers. 

When I planted the moss agates in my pots, I hadn’t even thought about what she’d told me.  It’s been slow in coming, but we’re finally getting rain.  And not just a pop up shower and gone.  No, rain for several hours at a time.  Woohoo!  I’m not claiming it’s because of the moss agate, but who really knows?  

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the rainbow I caught on my cellphone last evening.  Sadly, it didn’t catch the colors, but it’s still there. 😊

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