Short on time, but want more clean fantasy?

We’ve got you covered! Each of these clean fantasy stories can be read in under an hour. If you’re looking for more great options, check out the Finding Fantasy Reads podcast, where each week you can listen to a new clean fantasy short story to find your next favorite author.

In Memory of Michelle by Sahara Foley      The Book by H.M.Clarke      Rascal Magic by Kendra Callaway

Loki and the Frost Giant by Charles N Palmer      Artasia's Fall by J M Archer      Gryphon's Escape: An Areaer Novella by Raina Nightingale

Dreamers Destiny by S.H. Steele      Eyes to See by Karen Grunst      The Sea King's Daughter by Anthea Sharp

In The Dying Light by Jo Holloway      Amelia's Tale by Vivienne Lee Fraser      Mystery of the Dancing Statue by Kate Moseman


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