Today I want to chat about social media platforms. There are many different places to hang out these days, so I’ve selected the ones I use most. If you are there, follow me and I’ll follow you back.

When Facebook came along, it was a game changer, as we all know. But it has its limitations. You can be blocked from your account for going against their community guidelines. The problem with that is they don’t tell you why, and often its just the misinterpretation of an innocent post.

I’ve always loved photographs, so Instagram is great for me. It’s very different from Facebook and doesn’t have clickable links. This means you have to be more creative and build an audience in a different way. It took a while, but my channel is growing nicely now.

I use Twitter for automatically sharing from my website. But WordPress has removed the link, so I’m still working on the best way to use it without doing it manually each time. The content has to be short and snappy as there is a limited number of characters you can use. It has clickable links, and you can post with or without photos.

I love watching tutorial videos here. I used to have my own channel but I’m not a broadcaster. People want more than I can provide now, so instead I enjoy all the incredible videos posted by Sahara.

In recent months, I’ve joined TikTok. It has taken a long time to learn how to work it, understand it, and, importantly what to post there. I began by watching videos that interested me. Before long, the newsfeed tailored itself to things I enjoyed. Now, I’m finding it fun in both ways. And, as an added bonus, unlike YouTube, it has no adverts to interrupt my viewing.

Finally, my blog, where there are no restrictions. I can share the things that I’m passionate about. It’s my go-to place when something strikes me and I want to chat about it.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my social media. I looked forward to seeing your there.

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