I have always loved the Mississippi River Valley. Growing up along the banks of the Mississippi and Minnesota, everything about them influenced my life. This included the “Ford Dam, officially known as Lock and Dam No. 1,” especially when we’d go to Minnehaha Falls.

How things work intrigue me. Yes, I have always been a nerd, and I proudly own that. LOL

Watching the working of the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth along with the ships passing through the canal captivated, but not like a lock and dam. They were on a different level all their own.

Now, dams alone are capable of regulating water flow and generate energy. However, the purpose of lock and damns, especially on the Mississippi, is to eliminate low spots so shipping can navigate the waterway. How cool is that?

I have been fortunate enough to see many locks and dams across America. Most recently, Dusty and I have enjoyed Lock and Dam 12. This spot has been peaceful, enchanting (never seen so many pelicans in the Midwest), and educational.

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