Anglesey is a small island just off the north Wales coast. It’s been my home for almost seven years. I love to read books based here and to walk in a character’s footsteps and see what they saw. To fully emerge yourself in a story like that gives you an all-around experience.

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In this feature, Anglesey Books gives you an insight into our small island and the exciting fiction based here.

Fall From Grace has the crisis point set on the Brittania Bridge. It was built by Robert Stephenson in 1850. A disastrous fire tore through the tubes that carried the railway in May 1970. It was so intense that they collapsed and were dismantled. You can find out more about the fire and reconstruction here.

The bridge finally reopened to trains in 1972 and to cars a few years later. There have been talks for many years to build a third bridge over the Menai Strait as the volume of traffic continually increases.

Robert Stephenson Britannia Bridge carries road and railway across the Menai Straits between, Snowdonia and Anglesey. Wales, United Kingdom

I read this book in January this year having seen it advertised in one of the Angelsey Facebook groups. J. A. Winterford is a new author, and this is her debut novel.

When Dan and Grace Hearn sell their haulage business in Derbyshire and retire to Anglesey, North Wales, their lives seem complete. Taking life easier and enjoying the beautiful island was a dream come true, especially for Grace who spent many happy childhood holidays there.

Their world is shattered when Gabriel, one of their twin sons, inexplicably takes his own life on New Year’s Eve 2010. He fails to arrive at the family party being held at their luxury farmhouse on the outskirts of Beaumaris.

Trying to establish why their son took his life, Dan conducts his own investigations which lead him to believe that something sinister had occurred in Gabriel’s past, at the hands of a family friend. Dan reconnects with his own estranged brother to enlist some help in his desperate search for the truth.

Dan and his brother were born into a travelling family. Dan refused to embrace this heritage since he was left to fend for himself at the age of 15 – in contrast to his brother, who built a business empire that totally encompassed his heritage and celebrated his Romani roots.

Jack Hearn is only too pleased to help his brother to prove his case theory, they reunite and Dan is drawn into Jack’s world. Jack is powerful and is willing to use anything at his disposal to deliver some closure to his grieving brother and his family. What secrets will be discovered and what will be Dan’s revenge? Will Grace ever know the truth?

My Review of Fall From Grace

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