I truly enjoyed reading Heather and Alex’s stories! Heather may be the character that I’ve related to the most, out of all of Amy’s characters. I definitely related to the way she didn’t feel like she deserved Alex and her idea for a bookstore bakery. I thought that making the deserts have literary names was really cute. One of my best friends and I used to talk about starting a bookstore bakery with literary names for the deserts and coffees. Alex was truly swoon worthy and I loved the way he doted over Heather and was completely willing to do whatever it took to make their relationship work even though they couldn’t see each other often. What I love about Amy’s books is that she writes relatable characters and sweet stories. I love the settings and how sweet portrays small town life. I really love that while there was definite chemistry between Alex and Heather, there were no sex scenes. I have to admit I loved the visit to Flowering Grove and the cameo with Christine!!! Amy, you’ve definitely hit another one out of the park!
Thank you Netgalley and Amy Clipston for letting me have a copy of Starstruck, in exchange for an honest review. The contents of my review were not affected by this, in any way.

After the events The Line Between, has painted the world that Wynter was just thrust upon, into a corner. Wynter has spent the six months of the lock down in safety. During which her dynamic reveal of her past to the silo her relationship with Chase is remarkably changed. As they emerge there is more urgent than ever before as her mother’s friend Julie’s life is on the line. Wynter has to find medication in a devastated world, that is not as they had hoped. Their friends above ground are gone, the place looted and exposed to the Plague. She has to face all her fears, use all her intelligence and resolve to find a resolution to this situation and find a safe place for Trudy, Julie, and Lauren.
This book is a dynamic look at the devastation of plague at an astounding rate. With multiple attacks on the American economy and infrastructure the haunting descriptions of rioting and public conflict. The book written just before the Covid pandemic is scary in its accuracy of the social reaction to a worldwide pandemic. The book also shows the problems of vaccines and distribution that are more well known now.
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