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After I started my crystal journey, I spent a lot of time on Tik-tok, which also feed my obsession for those beautiful stones.  😂🤣   I remember coming across a video where a man, in someplace like Cambodia or Vietnam, was harvesting his garden.  He was digging up one of his plants to gather what was under it.  I assumed it was some type of root or tuber vegetable.  After he was done picking the area clean, he reached into the hole and picked up a huge crystal sphere.  I was like, What?  Did he plant that along with his seedling?

Then one day, I was watching a livestream of HM_Aurora_cryatal and Anna, the host, was talking about Moss Agates.  She’s very knowledgeable about crystals and loves sharing with the group.  I mentioned in the chat that I’d seen a video of a man taking a crystal out of a hole after harvesting his garden.  She said that Moss Agate was great for helping plants.  Really?  Intriguing.  

Anyone who follows my blog knows I love growing flowers every year.  This conversation happened during the winter, so I started sorting through my collection of Moss Agate carvings and saved a bunch to put in my planters in the spring.  I wish I’d thought it out a bit better for an A /B testing, but I was so anxious to get my flowers in.  

I had 12 white planters I’d bought the year before, but 6 were different in design from the other 6, so I figured I’d use 6 of the same type WITH the Moss Agate and 6 without.  At least I thought that far ahead.  LOL. I also had some bigger planters that I used and put a Moss Agate in one and not the other.  These I used for my Zinnias, so now I had a true A / B test going.  Yay.  

After a few weeks, this is what I saw.  We’re looking at the square and round planters on each end.  Can you tell which has a Mass Agate buried in it?

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Also, the square planter had 4 plants while the round planter only had 2.  However, the square one has more potting soil as it’s bigger.  So I figured they weren’t quite the same but pretty dare near close.   Here they are side-by-side.

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Do you see the difference?  The left one has more blooming flowers and appears to be fuller, while the one on the right is taller.  

But I also tried to do this experiment with some marigolds and petunias. 

Look at the difference between the orange/gold marigolds on the left compared to the ones on the right.  Sadly, the one on the right, most of them already died.  I’m not sure why.  But the one on the left is thriving.  

As for the petunias, look at the planters with the purple ones.  There is a slight difference.  The one on the left isn’t as full grown as the one on the right. 

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I also put Moss Agates in my large snap dragons and my pansy’s.  Look at this. 

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I don’t remember my pansy’s ever looking this lush and so vibrant.  As for the snap dragons, I’ve grown them before, but it’s been awhile.  Still, look at all the new shoots coming out. 

Here is how they looked this morning.  The above pictures are a few weeks old, so I took new ones to compare them. 

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You can obviously see the difference between the two pots of zinnias.  The round planter is so much taller and has tons of new growth.  The snap dragons are going to town.  Wow!  As for the pansy’s, the heat is starting to get to them.  Sadly, they don’t do well during the summer and I end up losing them.  Hopefully, those Moss Agate pieces will keep them going longer. 

So my conclusion is that Moss Agate helps the plants establish a better root system so they can grow taller and send out more shoots.  And the great thing about crystals is, you don’t need to bury them.  You can just place them around your garden to see the same effect. After all, you wouldn’t want to bury this beauty in the ground.  But you could, and it will be just fine.  

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As I was doing research for this post, I ran across websites that also confirmed what I found and that you can use other crystals to help your garden grow.  Who knew?

Gardening With Crystals – How To Use Precious Stones In Gardens

So, if you’re thinking about trying out crystals in your garden next year, check out my Etsy shop.  Maybe you’ll find something you can use. 😁


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