I’ve had my Facebook author page for nine years and was looking at the photos I’ve posted during that time. They were so interesting for a variety of reasons. So this month I thought I would share some with you.

These are the first three pictures I shared on my page in 2014.

Fun book memes were always great to post.

This is the one and only time I’ve had a post go viral. It somehow caught people’s imagination. I’ve never had anything near 382 likes on a page, never mind having. 4.7k comments. It was truly incredible.

Readers always like to see what you, as a writer are doing, and where you work.

I unpublished a lot of my books, and many of them are still not republished. Some will have new covers, and others don’t exist now. But the memory of them stays with me. One day, I will see them back up and available again.

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