Charming and Truthful
Wow. I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up. I just knew I loved Mindy Kaling, respect Indian culture, and am curious about Hinduism, so wanted to check it out. I’m glad I did as it was moving and sweet.
As a mother and grandma, I appreciate Mindy’s story and her willingness to being vulnerable. Faith is a personal thing, but something every parent must consider for their children. Hence, making the personal choice of faith something more instructional and planned by one person for another. It’s a huge responsibility and scary as hell.
I love Mindy’s honesty. I love her epiphanies. I love her discoveries of her faith, self, and relationships. I highly recommend this quick read. It is relatable and charming.

Another Action-Packed Adventure
This book starts right at the beginning of the last chapter of book one, which I thought was odd. Why have readers go through the whole chapter again? But, it’s in Kindle Unlimited, so the authors gets paid double the page reads. I’m not a fan of that. Seems a bit sneaky to me.
Regardless, this was another enjoyable story full of action and drama. My observation about Arthur’s lack of reaction to his being changed into a reptile was explored more in this book. He doesn’t like it. Who would, no matter how cool the superpowers may be? No more sex magnet.
Elliot’s character is a bit odd as he’s supposed to be a teenager, yet he sometimes sounds older than that. True, he’s a genius, but then he also acts like a teenager and puts them in unnecessary reckless situations. I liked him in the first book, but not sure how I feel about him now. And his whole family ancestral line is still such a mystery. The authors dribble out so very little information at a time.
Like Gunther. Who is he really and what is this ‘crew’ that he has? Even Arthur is getting doubts about his friend. And the blurbs still don’t make sense as, so far, nothing has been said about an alien invasion or a further threat from outer space. Ture, the tech Helinex uses is ASSUMED to be from alien origins, and there’s a countdown meter, but nothing has been explained. Hopefully more answers will come out in book three.
The writing and editing wasn’t quite as tight as book one as I found typos and inconsistent name usages: Becky and then Becki. Just enough to bump me out of the story and to make sure I’d read the name right.
If love action-packed superhero tales, you’ll want to start this series. I give this one 4 stars and on to book three.

Where did I find it: having read Hangman’s Revenge and Project Pandora written co authored by Sim Alec Sanford, I wanted to read one of his stories.
What I liked: the imagination of the author. This is a well constructed story with some great characters. I liked how the author imagined such a dark side with the just right amount of mystery and intrigue. It’s good to be surprised with a storyline and I hadn’t expected a bit of supernatural too. All is not it what it seems in Denver Falls, which makes a great premise for a story.
What I didn’t like: I found it a little odd that a seventeen-year-old girl would take such risks as to run into the unknown at night. Especially when she knew something strange was going on. The storyline had a few unanswered questions, and it’s likely these will be answered in the second book.
Overall: it was a good young adult. They will love this adventure and the endearing Harper with her mysterious past.
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