The First Mountain Man (4 book series)
BOX SET: The First Mountain Man: The Clans 1-4 

Sweet & Steamy Romance
What a fun tale, blending modern with pre-historic. This was an enjoyable fast read for romance readers who like enduring and naughty. A charming love story with all the heat and adventure to boot.
I liked the way Stone and Skylar interacted. The way they viewed each other was refreshing and added to the romance. It made their situation more plausible because you could see them working as a team.
I didn’t like that there were loose ends. I realize this is a short story, but the pacing felt rushed toward the end. There was a section of the tale left untold, which I’m hoping book 2 will continue. However, book 2 seems to change characters, so I’m even more curious to see how it ties in with this, if at all.
I’m hoping to visit with Stone and Skylar more. I don’t think their adventures are through, and being likable, I’d love to read more about them. I think others will, too.

Great 2nd installment
REVWhat an enjoyable tale on its own, but a fantastic continuation of the world/story stars in book 1. I was thrilled the lose ends in CAVE MAN were mostly tied up as it was interwoven into book 2. It made it very fulfilling.
I loved the elements of fate and the way the characters viewed one another. The value each has for the other and the sincerity of their emotions is what makes these stories for me. It was present in book 1, but seemed to be more enriched in CAVEMAN NEEDS WIFE. I think the introduction of the different personalities helped to illustrate it better, at least for me.
I tend to be irritated with virgins having these amazing 1st times, though I know romance is escapism. However, I felt the author handled it well in this story, giving the steam expected from the trope while maintaining a sense of realism.
I definitely recommend this quick read. It was a delight – a modern Tarzan with a touch of science fiction to boot.IEW

My Favorite Yet
This series just keeps getting better. Though it is a bit formulated (typical for the HEA romance genre) and sometimes predictable (also typical for the trope), it is such a run read. This story, in particular, was enjoyable for me as I loved the inclusion of dinosaur (I am a nerd), and the adorable relationship between Flint and Fancy.
I loved seeing two people with such difficult backgrounds get somethings so wonderful together. The hope and trust the shared with each other was moving. That isn’t to say there wasn’t some action, but it tended to be in their sexual chemistry mostly. (cue steam here – LOL).
Some aspects might be a bit farfetched, but come on, this is fiction, so… anything can – and should – go, right? It made for a delightful tale that I definitely recommend for a fun, quick read. This is my favorite installment of the series yet.

Steamy Final Installment
This was a great conclusion to wrap up this series. It was lovely how it tied up this HEA romance series, and boy, did it leave it on fire! Frankie Love really amped up the heat to deliver the steam.
Again, I really loved the relationships. I enjoy the way the author writes the connections and communication between characters. I think she does a fantastic job of drawing them together in a realistic and wholesome way. It is charming and sentimental – believable.
My only twinge of frustration is the whole virgin-loves-everything-about-sex-though-it’s-her-first-time. I try to be open-minded, knowing it is apart of the trope and the author does a great job with the lead up, but it isn’t realistic, especially in the case of Summer. However, the story is great and it will be an easily overlooked aspect because it is enjoyable to read.
I recommend this book, but you will want to read this as a book set. It can standalone, but it is more fulfilling and comprehensive if you read the books in order. They will bring a smile into your day.

Steamy Series
This was a pleasurable read (no pun intended). The stories wove together to make an overall cohesive tale that was filled with charming love stories and steamy sex. While each book was a delight on its own, I was grateful to have them as a boxset because it felt complete.
I think book 3 is my favorite because I really enjoyed the relationship Flint and Fancy shared. For me, they really seemed to be the thread that linked everything together.
The author did a great job meeting trope expectations for a HEA steamy romance while telling entertaining stories within an overall story. The kindness, respect, and appreciation the characters have for one another is my favorite part. The virgin women and their perfect sexual encounters are farfetched, but they fit the escapism of the genre.
I recommend these titles and this collection to romance readers. It uses mature language, which isn’t for everyone but shouldn’t bother anyone used to the genre. This is a nice blend of romance colored with a splash of near erotica that’s done with taste. Steamy, yet sweet.
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