Love This Series
In the second book of Cameron Jace’s Anne Anderson series, the purpose of mankind’s existence will be revealed. Anne and David find themselves working on two different cases that seem to be intertwined with each other. Anne is working on a case that is related to one of the darkest stories that the sisterhood was hiding and David is dealing with one that takes him back to his own family history and takes him to Darwin’s memorial.
I absolutely enjoyed every page of this sequel. Cameron has such a great talent for character development and I love how much research he puts into every detail of his stories. He integrates little known historical facts and takes his reader to places around the world, describing them so vividly that you can see the settings in your mind’s eye. I’m so thankful that I found his books because I’ve enjoyed every single one.

This book is a dark look at human nature. Mrs. Lee uses these headlines to create a complex story with the added nature of cult leanings. The first headline she looked at when this book was written at a time when Prion illness was in the news the author uses the fear and unknown nature of the aliment and how it affects its victims. The book was published before the most recent pandemic, and using this idea the author explores America’s response to prior pandemics. The second headline of the time of publication the author uses more of the public fear with Russian cyber attacks that were in the news at the time. The book is well written and really shows how corrupt human nature and addiction can affect people during a dark time of pandemic. The fear that bleeds through the pages is a combination that could be terrifying in its reality.
I appreciate the depth of research the author has placed in this story. Her view of disillusion theory is truly frightening.