Sweet & Steamy Romance
What a fun tale, blending modern with pre-historic. This was an enjoyable fast read for romance readers who like enduring and naughty. A charming love story with all the heat and adventure to boot.
I liked the way Stone and Skylar interacted. The way they viewed each other was refreshing and added to the romance. It made their situation more plausible because you could see them working as a team.
I didn’t like that there were loose ends. I realize this is a short story, but the pacing felt rushed toward the end. There was a section of the tale left untold, which I’m hoping book 2 will continue. However, book 2 seems to change characters, so I’m even more curious to see how it ties in with this, if at all.
I’m hoping to visit with Stone and Skylar more. I don’t think their adventures are through, and being likable, I’d love to read more about them. I think others will, too.

Another Action-Packed Adventure
This book starts right at the beginning of the last chapter of book one, which I thought was odd. Why have readers go through the whole chapter again? But, it’s in Kindle Unlimited, so the authors gets paid double the page reads. I’m not a fan of that. Seems a bit sneaky to me.
Regardless, this was another enjoyable story full of action and drama. My observation about Arthur’s lack of reaction to his being changed into a reptile was explored more in this book. He doesn’t like it. Who would, no matter how cool the superpowers may be? No more sex magnet.
Elliot’s character is a bit odd as he’s supposed to be a teenager, yet he sometimes sounds older than that. True, he’s a genius, but then he also acts like a teenager and puts them in unnecessary reckless situations. I liked him in the first book, but not sure how I feel about him now. And his whole family ancestral line is still such a mystery. The authors dribble out so very little information at a time.
Like Gunther. Who is he really and what is this ‘crew’ that he has? Even Arthur is getting doubts about his friend. And the blurbs still don’t make sense as, so far, nothing has been said about an alien invasion or a further threat from outer space. Ture, the tech Helinex uses is ASSUMED to be from alien origins, and there’s a countdown meter, but nothing has been explained. Hopefully more answers will come out in book three.
The writing and editing wasn’t quite as tight as book one as I found typos and inconsistent name usages: Becky and then Becki. Just enough to bump me out of the story and to make sure I’d read the name right.
If love action-packed superhero tales, you’ll want to start this series. I give this one 4 stars and on to book three.

Where did I find it: I’ve seen the author on Facebook and wanted to read some of her work. I found this on Amazon.
What I liked: that stories of relationships don’t always have happy endings. They don’t even have to be sad ones either. Many of these stories were dark with some good plot twists. I found them imaginative and interesting.
What I didn’t like: that a lot of the stories were just ‘she’ with no name given to main the characters. It meant I couldn’t identify with them properly. They also had the same voice and sometimes it felt like I was reading the previous story.
Overall: an enjoyable selection of short stories, with different and imaginary scenarios. I think any short story lover will enjoy these too.