Touching Story
It all started when struggling journalist, Ellis Reed, snaps photos of two children beside a handwritten sign proclaiming “2 children for sale”. He takes the pictures because they evoke memories from his own childhood and has no intention of them ever being published. But, when his boss sees the pictures and they lead to Ellis’s big break, the pictures get published and attract far more attention than Ellis could have imagined. And the consequences of the pictures are far deeper than he could have predicted. Lillian Palmer is a secretary at the paper Ellis works for. Even though she’s dealing with secrets of her own, the plight of the children in the pictures captures her heart and attention. She teams up with Ellis to help this broken family and set things right, in any way they can.
This heartbreaking story captured my attention from the first paragraph and didn’t let go. Kristina McMorris has a talent for telling a story so well that you find yourself experiencing it along with her characters. And her characters are amazingly complex, heroic, flawed, unique individuals. Sadly, this story was based on an all too real photo published just after The Depression. McMorris definitely did her research into the time and surrounding while bringing the story to life. I enjoyed every moment of this book and can’t wait to read more of her work.

The Final Mystery
The greatest mystery of Emelynn Taylor’s life was the loss of her father. His sudden death clouds every day of her life, from the normal to the para-normal world. He was the reason she was gifted her powers from Jolene. Her mourning of their son’s loss was what caused Em’s father to leave and marry Em’s mother. Now, because of a whispered warning, Em is investigating everything and everyone around her.
J.P. Mclean’s world is concluded with this wonderful mystery, turning the story around in another spiral of development.
I love these books, and look forward to each of them.
As a young adult story, this book shows young girls that they can be strong, smart and resourceful. Em is a great role model and shows how young girls can find their own superpowers and connect to their own supportive friendships.
As a teacher, this book is a great inclusion in the YA section of the books, enabling young students to look at personal definition and personal confidence.