Coming Home Anthology: Tell me a Story and It will Live in my Heart Forever is a collection of short multi-genre stories by the #Awethors, an international coalition of independent authors. Its theme was imagined by Paul White, and it is meant to honor the unexpected lifestyle changes many people have experienced over the last few years.

Written for readers age 13 and up, there are seven (7) stories that reflect the best parts of being human as well as discussing the tragic moments we face. They include:

Karen J Mossman
The Lure of the Snake. Have you ever had a nightmare and then found it has an element of truth?
Two Hearts Forever Entwined. A love story that travels through time.

L G Surgeson
Goodnight Sarah. Gus can’t sleep.  Maybe it’s the noise, maybe it’s the bed – or maybe he misses Sarah.

Paul White
Katy, Emerald, and McFinnigans. A touching tale, a coming-of-age story of lost love, regret, and yearning.
Fixing the thingamabob, Is a lighthearted yarn, an exercise using metasyntactic terminology. I hope you enjoy this nonsense.

L A Remenicky
Home At Last. After 18 years Rebekah Warren returned to her home town with her son in tow and found more than she’d ever hoped for.

Chrissy Moon 
Aprylle’s Death Fairy (a novella). While searching for her friends on Earth, an inquisitive angel learns that one friend doomed another after becoming a Death Fairy.

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