In December I read Sahara’s Musings where she talked about dreams. I’ve always found dreaming a fascinating subject because I dream a lot. She talked about lucid dreams – I have plenty of those too and have been known to manipulate them. I’ll often know when I’m dreaming and tell myself not to take too much notice of what is happening, like don’t be afraid it’s not real. Once over a period of several days, I took myself flying, but it took a lot of effort to do.

Another time I read that we don’t dream in colour. When I thought about it, there was no colour, but it wasn’t black and white either. It was unimportant. So I made myself look and found a vivid red skirt. That was just me making a point and colour was irrelevant which is why we don’t think we dream in colour.

You can read more about dreaming lucidly here.

I also have a reoccurring dream which I’ve had on and off for years. I move house. Then when I wake up, I’m upset because it’s only a dream. I can still recall some of the properties we bought. It’s easy to guess why. I hated where I lived. When eventually we did move, you’d think they would stop. But, no, the dream went into reverse, and now I find myself back in my old house. This time when I wake, I’m relieved and happy to know it’s only a dram.

So why don’t our brains switch off when we sleep? It’s a time for our bodies to rejuvenate, but what about our minds? I’d like a rest from dreaming.

This site gives suggestions on how to stop it.

I can’t say any of those listed sound appealing. But if I stopped dreaming, I wouldn’t be able to write things like this!