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In my last post about crystals, I went over the four most common types. Today, I will be showing you the more uncommon ones.  At least from what I’ve learned in my journey.  There are so many crystals I know I haven’t even scratched the surface.  In fact, I just learned about another one last night – Terahertz.  It is a manmade crystal, made for scientific purposes, but it has high vibrational energy.  I bought a sphere, so still waiting for it to come in.  I can’t wait. 

Let’s start with the first crystal that called out to me – Carnelian.

From My Crystal Collection

My first piece of Carnelian was a palm stone I received from a Lucky Scoop from Highland Crystals.  PSA: Never buy from them.  They are garbage crystals.  You need to try out HM_Aurora_Crystals instead.

As soon as I held it, I knew it belonged with me.  For me, Carnelian is very soothing and makes me think of butterscotch.  Why?  I have no idea, but I love to hold it.  Since then, my favorite piece is the egg which has so many different patterns on one side.  

Carnelian and Agate love hanging around together, which will, sometimes, form a druzy in the stone. There is a HUGE misconception when it comes to what’s  a ‘druzy’.  A real druzy is a mineral forming on or in another type of stone.  And it has to have a crystalline quality to it, which means it glitters, or flashes.  So, if it doesn’t glitter or flash, it’s just an air pocket that formed in the crystal. See?  Easy, peasy. 

From My Crystal Collection

The first time I saw Labradorite, I was like Meh.  What’s the big deal?  Then I had a few small slabs or freeforms given to me as free gits from HM_Auora_Crystals and I understood.  They are AMAZING.  Who can resist their mesmerizing flashes? Of course, not all Labradorites are equal.  The lower quality ones, like what you get from Highland, have little to no flashing on them.  And some are just shy as hell.  You have to tilt them at just the right angle for them to smile at you.  But when they do?  Magic.  The predominate color flashes will be blue or orange.  What you really want, which is the rarest, are pink or purple.  The last piece in the above video is pink, which also needs some coaxing to see.  I hope to obtain a better one, eventually. 

From My Crystal Collection

The first pieces of Tiger’s Eye I received were as gifts in a mini sphere shape.  I was fascinated by the way the light refracted on the banding.  It’s a very powerful, masculine type of crystal.  Here, again, I was drawn to the energy and now have several spheres, towers, and carved pieces.  The snails are darling.  Yellow coloring is the most popular and Blue is the most expensive as it’s not as common to find.  Still, I like the brighter yellow colors better. 

There is an artificial stone called Cat’s Eye which kinda looks like Tiger’s Eye with the way it refracts in bands too.  However, they can come in a variety of different colors.  So, don’t be fooled.  While researching for this post, I did discover there is a REAL Cat’s Eye crystal, but extremely rare, so most likely, if you find one, it will be the synthetic version. 

From My Crystal Collection

I you LOVE bling, you got to have some Sphalerite.  This crystal is very porous with tons of druzy.  No matter how you turn it, you will find nothing but sparkles twinkling away at you.  You can spend hours admiring it.  🤣  And when Aura is added to it?  It’s even worse.  Aura is a treatment added to real crystals to make them even more dazzling.  I’ve seen it added to Rose Quartz, too.  

Some larger pieces of Sphalerite, like in a sphere shape, might even have Fluorite inclusions.  My huge sphere does have some Fluorite inclusions, which, from what I heard, can be somewhat rare.  Hence, the higher price tag. 

From My Crystal Collection

The most common form of Obsidian will be the pure black version.  All Obsidian is made from volcanic rock.  Since I started my crystal journey, I’ve acquired Gold Sheen and Snowflake versions.  I’m not really drawn to Obsidian but had to have them in my collection.  Cuz, why not? Right?  There are several other types of Obsidian I haven’t seen yet.  Thank Goodness. 

From My Crystal Collection

So, let’s move on to more of the uncommon of the uncommon crystals.  LOL.  Rhodonite is a very pretty, pink stone.  It’s also very heavy as it has a lot of iron in it, which give it the pink color.  From what I surmise, the more pink vs black in the crystal, the better the quality.  But don’t quote me on that.  

Then there’s Pink Tourmaline and Pink Opal.  Also very pretty.  I like how Pink Tourmaline looks vs Rhodonite.  I also have a raw form coming in that I ordered.  Pink Opal is very calming and supposedly great for people with an irregular heartrate.  But, again, don’t quote me or take it as any type of medical advice.  

Septarian is a very ancient crystal that formed at the bottom of the oceans billions of years ago.  To me, it could be a dragon’s egg.  I think the higher quality of this stone are broader and more yellow lines in the pattern. 

The last two pieces in the video are part of the Jasper family but not as easy to find.  People on Anna’s channel had been asking for them for months, and it took her boos  a while to finally buy them.  K2 is unique and looks like a Dalmatian with blue spots.  Mookaite is very striking with it’s bold color combinations.  It’s also only mined in one area of the world.  So that’s what makes it a rarer form of crystal. 

From My Crystal Collection

The first two crystals in the above video cost more per kilo than your average Jasper, Agate, etc.  I love the blue of the Lapis Lazuli and the yellow, sparkling bands around it is from Pyrite inclusions. Blue Apatite is also gorgeous and does have some flashes across it’s surface if you angle it just right. 

Blue Aventurine is part of the Quartz family and is supposed to help open up your third eye and activate your psychic abilities. 

Lepidolite is a lovely violet color with white spots that look like stars in the night sky.  Lepidolite is a soothing crystal and said to help with mental / emotional disorders.  I am not giving medical suggestions, only stating what can be learned from a Google search.  

From My Crystal Collection

I have always been a fan of Jade but I never knew there were other colors.  White Jade is very simplistic and I love it in the elephant carvings.  Elephants are meant to be a sign of good luck, but if their trunk is up, it brings even more.  Whatever that means.  LOL. 

Garnet is another semi-precious stone you don’t see around very much.  And it’s usually mixed with other materials.  The pink color in the pyramid is the actual Garnet. 

The first time I saw Blue Onyx, I had to have it.  My first piece was a carving of a skull with an eagle on it’s head.  However, this tower is stunning.  I love all the different layers of colors. 

Pyrite has been known for years as Fool’s Gold.  I’ve found it as a child while rock hunting along shorelines.  It does get mixed with other materials as well. 

Now, for the most expensive of the crystals you’ll find. Malachite, when polished, is a deep green with darker green bands through it.  It’s a very sought-after stone by most crystal collectors.  Myself, I like the raw form better. 

Kyanite has lots of shimmering going on in the crystal.  I have polished forms and this raw type.  I like the raw better, too.  It has so much character and dimensions. 

Azurite is stunning in it’s raw form.  To be honest, I’ve never seen a polished piece.  It’s also quite expensive and why it was only offered in smaller pieces.  I can’t remember how much that large one in this video cost.  I think over $50? 

Then there’s the Manik crystal, also known as Pink Rubi.  This is NOT a semi-precious tone.  It is an actual very real, Ruby.  This one cost $200 a kilo and I spent a pretty penny for it.  It can be cut and polished into a real Ruby jewel.  Yikes! 

And there you have it.  More of the different types of crystals you’ll find on your journey.  Do you find my posts helpful?  If so, please comment below.  And I would love to see your own crystal collection.  

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