I’ve recently started to make Junk Journals. I didn’t understand exactly what they were at first, but after a lot of research on Youtube, I finally understand how creative they can be – and how much fun they are.

So what exactly is a Junk Journal?

It’s a handmade book of recycled materials and ephemera. You can use the pages to write, draw, paint, or record memories, thoughts, ideas, and inspiration. It can be whatever you want it to be and it enables you to be as creative as you wish.

When I researched them, I found two different types. One is the traditional messy journal, and the other is a neat flip stationery album.

The messy ones are full of interest with lots of secret nooks and crannies to find. This one is a Nature Journal and uses all kinds of material including fabric and lace. It’s particularly beautiful and is on the channel of Goldenmeade, She does a flip-through, where you can look at all the pages inside.

The flip journal is made from a pretty pad of 6 x 6 cards. (Or you can use any size.) I love the colours of this one and instead of it being laced together as the other one is, the pages are glued. The card has colours that go together and the end result is aesthetically pleasing. This is on a channel called Pinkstrawberryz and by following the link you can see how it is made.

Meanwhile, the one I’ve started to make is by Elaine Howlin. and is a Reading Journal. It’s perfect for me being a prolific reader. I’m going to have fun with this as I keep track of all the books I read.

I bought an A4 book and decorated the front and inside pages.

The first page is a list of the books I’ve read so far this year. I like seeing it fill up and added such details as book length, series, dates read, etc. As it will be a big block of text and not very attractive, I’ll add decoration to make it more pleasing.

On the second page are envelopes to represent each quarter of the year. Inside is a pretty card where I’ll write my book of the month. The middle envelope can be flipped from side to side and eventually will hold the name of my favourite book of the year.

I can be creative with the rest of the pages as I fill them with book-related ephemera, including pages for book quotes and series.

A lot of the channels on YouTube I watch have five journal flip-throughs. I love watching these to get ideas and they are just interesting to watch. Some people are very creative. I’m not sure I can be the same, but it will be fun to try. Maybe I’ll do something for our channel. Do you subscribe? Press the button below.