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Today is National Soup It Forward Day, which really is all about kindness. It is about taking a moment to show and share a simple, kind, and human moment with someone else. That’s it.

“Soup was chosen as the main agent to share the common picture of love because; Soup is a very complete form of food. It can be tailored to nutritional requirements and budgets, however, provided naturally. Moreover, it is easier to make and takes much less time than other forms of food. Soups also freeze well, and eating regularly helps people stay hydrated and full. They are usually free of any germs or bacteria that can cause problems because; Continuous boiling kills most of the germs in it.”


Celebrate today by sharing soup with someone. Either enjoy it with a loved one or create a new friendship by inviting someone new to the table. Everyone can use a little kindness in life… and soup is so healthy.

You have to love a holiday that is all about kindness and generosity!


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