In the last few months, a sequence of numbers has been reoccurring to me.

It started back in early December when I woke up and my digital o’clock said 3.33 am. The following night, I opened my eyes and it said 4.44 am. What are the odds of that?

I posted about it on my Facebook page and was told that they are Angel numbers. If that did have relevance then it would be shown in other ways, but it didn’t.

Over the next few weeks, I saw them regularly and found myself waiting for them. I’d keep my eyes open during the night a little longer just so I could see them switch over on the bedside clock. Then, one night, I opened my eyes at exactly 4:44 again, and later that day, I opened my blog.

When I posted about them on my Facebook author page, I received several comments with suggestions on what they might mean. One said, “it’s just your body clock.” Another said, “it happens to them.”

One comment, from Pauline Reid, who is a great book reviewer, said, ‘It’s a remarkable thing, enjoy it.’

There it was, the answer. As I’d already started looking for the numbers, I saw others and it pleased me. The best thing is when I open my eyes during the night and the clock gave me exact digits. It is a little win. I’ve even seen 2.22 and 3.45. It’s silly, I know, but it continues to amuse me.

It then reminded me of words that are repeated when I’m reading. It might even be a phrase on my Kindle and someone on the radio would say them at exactly the same time. What are the odds of that? Someone, hundreds of miles away saying the same word as I’m reading at exactly the same time.

That is amazing. That is fun, and Pauline is right, I should just enjoy it and I do.

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