Dusty and I were fortunate enough to join some friends this weekend, and together, we visited The Cross at Kerrville. It is a world renown free art museum located on a 24. acres that overlook Kerrville, Texas. The views are absolutely gorgeous!

Something I found to be very moving about the place (regardless of your faith or religion) was the humanity. People would leave rocks with inscriptions… Some were simple while others were elaborate. Some were colorful art pieces, and others were just small, personal notes for God. Each, however, was a prayer, and most were asking for peace for all.

I love history. I love learning about different cultures, societies, beliefs… I think we all have a place in this world and that diversity is what keeps us from dying. Our similarities might draw us together, but it is our differences that keep us interested. Landmarks are a blend of all these things – a reminder of what was, why we are where we are today, and what possibilities are available tomorrow.

Don’t get caught up in the mistakes of the past. Learn from them to grow past who and what we are today. This is how we have a brighter tomorrow.


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