Wow – An Enchanting Modern Fairy Tale
This was a profound story. A modern fairy tale that made me laugh, filled me with sadness, and was thought-provoking. The imagery was as powerful as the connection between the characters.
There was a darkness and a hope to the story. A joy and sorrow. The contradictions and conflicts can represent so much in life… As can the road, the perception of safety, and the hardships we face.
Do read this short story. It’s haunting.

Intense Modern Fairy Tale
True to traditional fairy tales, there’s a grim darkness to this story as well as a lesson of caution. However, it’s a relevant and modern spin on Hansel & Gretel. In addition, it offers twists and turns that are as thrilling as they are brilliant.
The flow of the story added to the build-up. Choices the author made in delivery enhanced the reading experience for me. It was a delightful short read.
I loved Gray and Hazel. There were moments I questioned their actions or motives, but they were well written characters. It was easy to connect with them.
Definitely grab this title. It does not disappoint. It’s intense, emotional, and deep.

I’m floored – wow!
This is such an intense story with an original twist on fairy tales. It’s dark and dramatic – very powerful. Both modern and as old as time, the struggles addressed are relevant for all ages.
Callum was a wonderful character. Having the story told through him was brilliant. It was such a strong and emotional perspective that drew me in.
This story absorbed me, and it’ll stay with me for some time. The moral of this fairy tale is shocking and poignant, but important. Definitely a must read!

Such Depth and Insight
I read a lot and love many of the stories I’m honored to experience. However, this tale was… special and unexpected. It had brillance and insight about humanity like I’ve never imagined.
Just this quote: “You never wanted to know the people you liked and admired too well; it was impossible to reconcile what they wanted you to know with what they didn’t. Few people were better than they remembered.” Wow, right?
This is so well written. It gives different viewpoints through various characters to help you see this amazing picture. One that’s profound, compelling, and important.
I recommend this short read. It’s deep, and it’ll stay with me… It has become a memory I intend to keep, even if that means repeat reads to keep it fresh.

Great Twist
What a fantastic fairy tale retelling. I love the different perspectives to what you thought you knew. It’s not only inventive, but going from kid to teen to mother to grandma, I can appreciate the various viewpoints of age and experience.
I loved the twists in this tale. It was more than the changes from the original stories, but also the unexpected events in the plot. They were brilliant.
This series is great, and this story was a beautiful way to conclude it. It was powerful and entertaining. I definitely recommend it!
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