South Dakota Series

I Loved This Book!
Where did I find it: originally on the Apple Books app. I began reading but wanted to listen to it also. It’s not an audio book, but if I downloaded it on Amazon, I could listen with with Alexa. I find that switching between listening and reading works well for me. It is always better to download the audio book if it has one, as you get a proper narrator.
What I liked: initially, the cover. It’s beautiful and vibrant. Also, how the story focused on kindness and helping people. Eliza was a great character, a strong feisty woman who fought her corner, something she needed to do often. She never thought she’d marry and because she had been a prostitute in a former life. Attracted to John, who also liked her, she had to keep her past a secret. The view point moved between Eliza and John and what was interesting was that a John was born mute.
What I didn’t like: how frustrating it must have been to live in that time and not be able to talk. Especially since it wasn’t unusual for people not to be able to read and write. Most thought John’s disability was of his mind too, except John was a smart man with thoughts and feeling like everyone else, he just couldn’t convey it.
Overall: This is superb book, which I thoroughly loved. The story line is of kindness and supporting each other. Goodness outshines badness, but of course, life is not always like that. Evil men and bad situations make their appearance, but the onus is on the people in the town who care for each other. I loved the characters who made this book special. It made me glow, and I think it will appeal to readers who enjoy a feel-good story.

Sweet Story.
Where did I find it: this is the second book of the South Dakota Series, and after loving the first one, I went straight on to this.
What I liked: once again, the gorgeous cover. I also like that Brian had a handicap and his blindness didn’t stop him being a perfect book boyfriend. It didn’t impede him and made me consider my own perceptions of life without sight. I loved Brian’s parents, Eliza and John, too. They are from Loving Eliza, the first book.
What I didn’t like: how some family members can be so cruel to one another. The person you think would love you the most, in fact, hates you.
Overall: another enjoyable read. The author has an inspirational way of writing. Life is tough in cowboy times and the strong sense of community holds people together. It’s an easy to read story that will appeal to those looking to lose themselves in a great series. Each story is standalone, but deals with inter-connected characters.

Loved it!
Where did I find it: this is the third book of a trilogy, and originally found via the author’s blog.
What I liked: All of it! The first two stories are great, but this one is my favourite. Jeremy is the son of Eliza from the first book. At the end they are reunited and it brought tears to my eyes. I loved how all the characters interacted with each other with the onus once more kindness. There were plenty of bad, sad, and spiteful, things but the story always returned to sweetness and love with a happy ending.
What I didn’t like: is how death can be cruel and bring such great sadness. We all have to face it at sometime, but losing someone before their time is hard on everyone. I’m also a believer that out of something bad, comes good and this story was no exception.
Overall: it was a cracking good read. Full of strong emotion, intimacy and romance. I loved to see the creation of families and how children bring joy. The whole series has been lovely and enjoyable and all with happy endings, which I love. Readers who like the aforementioned will adore this series too.
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