Tragic and Powerful
The blend of German folklore and WWII was brilliant. The humanity of Uwe made the monsters more defined by their lack of compassion. The appeal from benefits reaped made the Devil’s promises and evil itself more appealing. Combined, it was a fantastic horror story inline with Halloween, the coming dark of winter months, and the remembrances of the Great Wars.
I can tell you this story will stay with me. It’s one of the most unique werewolf tales I’ve read yet. Though a short story, it’s a complete tale that’s captivating as well as deep. It has my emotions stirred as much as my thoughts.
I recommend this book. It’s perfect for readers who love dark fiction, WWII fiction, paranormal thrillers, shifter tales, or just great storytelling. Well done!

Shocking Ending
This is the first book I’ve read by this author but it was a title that our book club decided to read. I like dark fantasy, so I gave it a go.
From other books I’ve read, I knew that the Nazis’ were into the supernatural and always hunting for lost relics of power. What I didn’t know was that some of their beliefs were based on the fairytales from their country.
As the story unfolded, I felt for Uwe, the lure of being a werewolf, feeling powerful and in control. But control of that nature is only an illusion. Which he sadly found out.
It was brought up more than once in the story how the Germans let themselves become victims to Hilter. Well, I see that happening in our own country with the leftist party. They keep pushing at us with their corrupted morals and we just let them.
The ending was a shock and unexpected, which I loved. However, I felt there were some plot holes, which I don’t want to get to deep into to give away spoilers. Suffice it to say, I don’t think Alma has been in the military or knows how firearms are treated in unfriendly hands. Also, if the werewolf is that mentally stronger than the human, why give the power back to them?
The story was very well edited, and it will definitely appeal to readers who love short, dark fantasy stories. I give it 4 stars.

An Interesting Story
The Wehr Wolf is set in Germany during the war. Something sinister was going on but I didn’t know what because of the way it was written. I found it chilling as it played out. In many ways it was sad and callous too. The cruelty of people is often astounding, yet it still happens.
There are many elements to this story and different ones will resonate with readers. The one that will stick in my mind is where Uwe was locked in the cellar and thought he was alone.
I thought it was imaginative and cleverly written. The author has a great skill as a storyteller.

Should be a lesson plan
Mrs. Katsu has written a story that is remarkably part of our times. She shows the dynamics of propaganda, and peer pressure in a unique and remarkable way. Allowing some things to be thought about long after the reader has finished the story.
I am sitting here thinking of conversations I could have with this book with middle and high school students. My mind racing with ideas of how to use this story as a teachable moment. This could make lesson plans for a unit study all its own. Students could look into propaganda, historical events, group dynamics, peer pressure, the line of right and wrong, religious thinking, mythology, and even the original story telling genre. How do stories influence modern culture? Why do groups rise to power? Why do “good” people join “bad” groups? How do people see the warning signs? So many lessons could be taught from this story. 8 people found this helpful
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